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Diwali is an Indian festival of lights and it is one of the biggest festivals in India. Diwali 2022 is celebrated by Hindu, Jain and Sikh communities all over India and abroad. In the USA, Diwali celebration is a grand affair in every state and now it is even a major event in White House itself under the presidency of Joe Biden. The tradition of celebrating Diwali is closely connected to several Hindu gods, and mythologies of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

On the days of Diwali, Indian households are decorated gorgeously with beautiful Diwali decorations such as marigold garlands, LED lightings, flower vases and so much more. Every family goes out shopping for new Diwali outfits like kurta for men, kurta for women, kids fashion clothes, lehenga dress, readymade saree or any Indian dress material for customized stitching. Luckily, Karmaplace.com is your one-stop destination for all Indian ethnic wear and Traditional Indian jewelry along with fashion accessories like potlis, clutches, waist belts and more.

Diwali decorations are a very prioritized task in every Indian household. No diwali celebration begins without it and thus, shopping for new Diwali outfits, diwali gifts and diwali lights is like custom every year. This Diwali celebration in 2022, Karmaplace is bringing ahead the classic collection of all traditional Indian wear and traditional Indian jewelry with free shipping across the United States. At first, Karmaplace wishes you a very Happy Diwali and may this beautiful Diwali Holiday in USA bring you closer to your friends, family and all loved ones.


As per Indian traditions, Diwali is a five-day celebration that starts with Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj. Often. Diwali celebration also begins with Vasubaras or Govatsa Dwadashi in regional India. All the five days of Diwali are completely celebrated with diwali decorations, diwali gifts, diwali lights and every member in a family dresses up with new Diwali outfits.

diwali celebration

This same tradition is followed in Diwali celebration in USA and also in Diwali celebration in New York. People get dressed in classy Diwali outfits and the city is lit up with beautiful Diwali lights. Wherever, Indian American communities are settled in USA, Diwali celebration take place and more recently, Joe Biden has also announced a Diwali celebration in White House on October 24, 2022. We will learn more about Diwali celebration in USA further ahead. First, let’s learn more about the five days of diwali.

  • Dhanteras

Dhanteras is the first day of Diwali and this day is marked by clearing of homes, properties and business premises. People place and light up small earthen diyas all over their area. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh are worshiped on this day in order to pray for wealth and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi is also worshiped on the third day which is similar to Dhanteras.

  • Narak Chaturdashi

However, the second day of Diwali is Narak Chaturdashi which follows the legend of Lord Krishna who killed the demon Narkasura on this day and freed 16,000 kidnapped and imprisoned princesses. This day of Diwali celebration is done by baking new sweets with dry fruits, semolina, flour, ghee and milk. Naraka Chaturdashi is also known as Chhoti Diwali i.e. small Diwali. On the same day, Hanuman Puja, Yama Deepam and Roop Chaudas are also celebrated in regional parts of India.

  • Lakshmi Puja

On this day, people worship the Gods and Goddesses of wealth. Lakshami symbolizes prosperity and wealth in a household. This Diwali celebration is similar to the Dhanteras. However, this is more of a home celebration whereas, Dhanteras is more about worshiping wealth in your business and other ventures. God of wealth - Kubera is often worshiped. In Eastern India, another incarnation of Goddess is prayed and that is Kali Maa. Thus, Kali Puja is celebrated instead of Lakshmi puja in the states of West Bengal, Odisha and Assam.

  • Balipratipada & Govardhan Puja

Two legends from Hindu traditions are focused on this same day of Diwali celebration. From the accounts of Vishnu purana, Balipratipada is associated with an incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Vamana who defeated King Bali. On the other hand, Govardhan Puja is celebrated in northern India on the accounts of Lord Krishna who saved his community by lifting the mountain of Govardhan during a great flood.

  • Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is also called Bhau-Beej and it is similar to another festival called Raksha Bandhan. It celebrates the sister-brother bond. One of the major legends behind this Diwali celebration is connected to the second day of Narak Chaturdashi i.e. after defeating Narakasura, Lord Krishna came to his sister Subhadra’s home and she welcomed him with a tilaka on his forehead.


diwali celebration in white house

In the United States, President Joe Biden has announced that White House will celebrate Diwali on October 24, 2022 and this Diwali celebration will be full of diwali decorations, diwali gifts and everyone wearing diwali outfits. This year, the sale of diwali gift ideas including diwali clothes, diwali dress, lehenga dress, kurta for men and kurta for women are already bestselling. Diwali fireworks and Diwali rangoli are already a part of Diwali celebration in USA just like in India. Diwali celebration is also incomplete without Diwali kandil that is actually a lantern hanging up.

Diwali celebration in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Austin, etc are already a big part of the community. The diwali celebration is White House will witness a complete package of Diwali diya, diwali kandil and diwali rangoli everywhere. The night of Diwali will be marked by diwali fireworks and thus, people will gather in Washington D.C. while wearing beautiful and colorful Diwali outfits and experience delicacies like Diwali sweets. This year, whether there is a Diwali celebration is USA, Diwali celebration in New York or Diwali celebration in India, the whole Diwali celebration will be a grand affair as we are in the post-pandemic phases.


  • Kurta For Men

Karmaplace brings to you a special collection of Kurta for men with express delivery anywhere in the United States. Kurta for men are a traditional menswear for Diwali celebration and no man is complete without wearing a kurta for men during diwali.

  • Kurta For Women

In the same manner, Kurta for women is also special. It is almost like you are twinning for the Diwali celebration. Thus, you can shop kurtas online on Karmaplace for both men and women. Karmaplace offers a wide collection of traditional kurta for men and kurta for women on the occasion of Diwali celebration.

  • Traditional Indian Jewelry

Shop traditional Indian jewelry collection of necklace set, earrings, maang tikka, bangles, bracelets, anklets, rings and nose rings for Diwali celebration in USA only from Karmaplace. Traditional Indian jewelry is highly recommended if you are wearing a kurta for women, lehenga dress or a readymade saree. Shop the best of traditional Indian jewelry as diwali gifts or simply as a part of your fashion accessories over your Diwali outfits.

  • Kids Fashion Clothes

Don’t forget the kids for this Diwali celebration. They will learn more about their heritage when you shop for traditional kids wear from Karmaplace. Kids fashion clothes on Karmaplace include lehenga dress, kurta for boys, saree for girls and so much more. Your little ones would be so adorable when they wear Karmaplace diwali outfits for this Diwali celebration.

  • Readymade Saree

Who wants to spend so much time on draping each pleat of a saree? Get a custom-stitched readymade saree from Karmaplace with a wide range of sequin saree, cotton saree, zari silk saree and more for this Diwali celebration in USA. You can also pair so many fashion accessories with your readymade saree.

  • Lehenga Dress

A lehenga is a dream fashion outfit for a woman and dressing one as a part of Diwali outfits for this diwali celebration in New York is the best thing. Shop exclusive custom-stitched lehenga dress only at Karmaplace. Don’t forget to make a TikTok video when you wear a lehenga dress and pose in front of diwali kandil, diwali rangoli or under the diwali fireworks.


Where to shop for Diwali outfits online in the USA?

Karmaplace.com is your complete culture shop for this Diwali Celebration in USA where you can shop every traditional wear online such as kurta for men, kurta for women, traditional Indian jewelry, kids fashion clothes, lehenga dress, readymade saree and more Indian dress material alongside fashion accessories.

Is there a Diwali holiday in USA?

Diwali is not a federal holiday in USA but you can surely celebrate it with family and friends as this year it comes near to an October weekend.

What is Diwali 2022 start date and Diwali 2022 end date?

Diwali 2022 start date is October 23 and Diwali 2022 end date is October 26.


Shop ethically designed traditional Indian jewelry online only at Karmaplace.com where you can shop lots of fashion accessories as diwali gifts and we can surely say those are one of the best diwali gift ideas apart from diwali dress like a readymade saree, lehenga dress or a kurta for men or kurta for women. Shop from a wide range of Diwali outfits on our Diwali deals 2022 Sale this October month. You will also get free shipping all over the United States for most of the orders. Shop best diwali outfits to let your diwali celebration in USA be perfect with full of Diwali decorations, diwali diya, diwali rangoli and diwali fireworks.

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