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And here we go with another round of Indian festivities with food, sweets, gifts, and fireworks as the festival of lights for Indians - Diwali begins.

Diwali celebration in USA is such a huge extravaganza across every Hindu, Jain, and Sikh community due to its origin and traditional values.  Like India, Deepavali is celebrated in the United States with the same level of invigorating spirit. 

No matter where Indians go, they are bound to take the celebratory feeling of Diwali with them wherever they go. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East countries witness some of the bigger celebrations across the globe apart from India. 

In Times Square at New York City, you could see giant billboards painted in the colors of this festival wishing everyone the best of contentment. It basically shows the scale of representation of the festival at an immigrant land brought from their motherland. You must consider it as the biggest Indian festival in the USA.  


Diwali, as we all know about the festival, is the celebration of the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom of Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana after becoming victorious against the evil king of Lanka - Ravana.

Apart from Ramayana, Diwali is often connected traditionally with several other mythological and religious stories. It takes place almost after twenty days of Vijayadashami i.e. Dussehra - another festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. 

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Diwali celebration takes place over a course of five days and it depends on individual communities for which day to celebrate and how to celebrate that day. Festivities begin with Dhanteras, followed by Narak Chaturdashi and Lakshmi Puja.

The last two days of festivities end with Balipratipada and Bhai Dooj. Every day could be called differently and its significance and ritualistic tradition vary by every community across regions in India. 

  • Day 1: Dhanteras

Dhanvantari, aka Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Lakshmi are worshiped as they represent good fortune and health. All the fortune of a household is worshipped in a very similar way to Dussehra celebrations. It is majorly celebrated by Gujarati communities. 
  • Day 2: Narak Chaturdashi 

End of the Asura King Narakasura by Krishna and Satyabhama, in another legend he is killed by Goddess Kali, is celebrated for ending all the evils in one’s life.

  • Day 3: Lakshmi Puja 

Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped to bring prosperity, wealth, and auspiciousness within a household. Bengali communities also celebrate Kali Puja on this day. 

  • Day 4: Balipratipada

Celebrated in the honor of the return of king Bali to earth who defeated Lord Indra and ruled over all three worlds but Lord Vishu interfered and sent him to be the king of Netherland and brought back other two realms - earth and heaven to the ruling of Gods.

This day is also the Hindu new year for Gujarati and Rajasthani communities in India. 

  • Day 5: Bhai Dooj 

Similar to Raksha Bandhan, a sister prays for the good health of her brother and she gives him gifts whereas the brother gives her a gift during the rakhi celebration.  

During the entire period of the Diwali celebration, everything in an Indian household is about the food, sweet dishes, and exchange of gifts, and on top of that, it is sparkling with fireworks.

Although the advent of fireworks is not that harmonious with the climate of change even without them, Diwali is an utmost joy and prosperous feeling for every Indian. 


Across the Indian subcontinent and Indian Diaspora, Diwali remains at the core of heart and mind. It is the decoration of everyone’s house and open places with diyas and rangolis that brings the optimistic appeal to the surrounding nature. 

 In local community spaces, funfairs and recreational parks are established for individuals and their families to come together and spend quality time with wholesome laughter and happiness. 

Diwali celebration 2021

In the US, Sikh gurudwara, Hindu, and Jain temples from the ground of Diwali celebration for Indian immigrants. Also, there are popular shopping marts that organize exhibition sales and fairs like Patel Brothers, Usha Foods, and Apna Bazaar. 

It is almost a political action by celebrating Diwali at a larger-than-life-like event in Times Square with the showcase of rich Indian heritage and culture. Presentation of performing arts and music connects the Indian immigrants with Mother India. 

Famous Bollywood personalities and other Indian American celebrities perform during Diwali celebrations in the US. Even Disneyland California honors this festival at their park with traditional dance performances on Indian songs.

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All this flourishing energy in a foreign land surely brings collective consciousness amongst the South Asian Americans. 

Texas organizes the largest celebration in the city of San Antonio with an Indian dance, food stalls at the fair, and a firework celebration. Another honoring Indian heritage event is held at New York City’s Rubin Museum with Ragas Live Festival that features Indian classical musicians performing on the first day of Diwali. 

Now you know about the biggest events for Diwali in the United States but have you planned for outfits that you want to wear during Diwali celebrations for both home and public events. 

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Beautiful print patterns on elegant fabrics are the perfect festive wear and especially for the Diwali celebration. If you get your hands on a silky soft and floral printed long dress, you should not miss but shop for it right now to dazzle in the presence of your family. 

Long dresses casual

 STYLE TIP - Oxidized bracelets or bangles with stud earrings are a good match with long dresses. 

Saree remains the first and final classy piece of ethnic wear to shine out your heritage at a fair for the Diwali celebration. Gold Zari sarees and embroidered sarees are must-haves during Diwali.

You could be the spotlight of the event and it is universally acknowledged that a woman wearing a saree makes every head turn around. 

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 STYLE TIP - Gold jewelry remains a constant perfect accessory for a saree but you can always try out new designs such as oxidized silver jewelry sets. 

Looking for the right kind of gift for your beloved brother for Bhaj Dooj - the last day of the Diwali celebration, check out the kurta pajama collection at karmaplace.com and get the right fit with custom-made stitching.

Kurta with solid colored-pajama always looks good on boys and men. It also gives a sharp and ethnic touch to their personality. 

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 STYLE TIP - A brass gold or silver ring is a good add-on accessory to a kurta pajama set. 

Obviously, your kids are most precious and adorable during the Diwali celebration. They are playing around in the household and eating sweets and food. They are the ones who enjoy the most for all the days of Diwali.

Your kids deserve the best of everything so shop now for the cutest clothing ranging from kurta pajama set to tiny lehenga choli designs across a wide collection.

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 STYLE TIP - A small watch for your boy’s small hand is a cute accessory over a kurta set. For you girls, apart from a watch, you can also try on small drop earrings over their attire. 

Jewelry is a must during the Diwali celebration. Most Indians shop for new jewelry during this festival and this buying represents their overall growing wealth and prosperity.

Gold and silver jewelry are more popular but shopping for brass or oxidized jewelry is the latest trend for everyday outfits and festive wear in the US and the rest of the world. 

Indian jewelry online

 STYLE TIP - Always buy a complete set of a particular design as in Kundan jewelry set, silver jewelry set, choker jewelry set, oxidized jewelry set, etc. It offers you to dress completely and elegantly with your fashion outfit for the festival. 

Diwali celebrations are about to begin and you must be beginning with making a shopping list for everyone in your home. Shop for the best of the best fashion for this Diwali 2021 as this would be the first complete celebration after the pandemic but still, every precaution and rule has to be followed as per local municipality.

However, the joy of the Diwali celebration cannot be limited at home as you can always dress like a star, cook delicious food, and share the festive spirit with the whole of your family. 


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