Royal Sheen Handicrafts Brass Dolphin in Black and Golden

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Get spoiled for choice by exploring our category of animal figurines - this is a perfect curio for your home or office for an edgy yet stylish appeal.To uplift your home energy and decor,provide it with character that looks adorable and classy at the same time. Duck set with very beautiful engraving done by bare hands by our generation old artisan we popularly call as "chacha". Every product is manufactured by a very traditional technique "sand casting" in a small city of india popularly famous by the name "moradabad". Product has gone through various stages of filing, brushing and polishing techniques by bare hands and thus no two products are exactly alike. Final finishing is metal engraving where artisans scrap out the outer layer with a chisel to create diifferent beautiful designs on the product.

Product Features :
  • Color: Black and Golden
  • Material: Brass
  • Design: Floral
  • Height: 18 inches
  • Pack of Contain: 1
  • Product Weight: 5000 gram