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Royal Indulgence Komali Intensive Detan Body Oil - 200 ml

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Komali Intensive Detan Body Oil.

The craftsmanship behind this miraculous innovation called, KOMALI INTENSIVE DETAN OIL has gone out of its way in assembling some of the most special herbs that are not only rare but are exceptionally rich in their components.

This oil works on feeding your skin with required nutrients which in turn will give you a healthy glow.

A tan can make your skin look very dry and flakey. Komali detan oil understands the requirement of your skin and repairs it from within. The end result is an even looking skin tone without any visible dark patches.

The herbs present in this oil restore your natural skin tone and give you a clean and clear complexion within a few applications.

This brilliant oil retexturizes you skin giving you a dazzling glow!

  • 1. AQUILARIA AGALLOCHA: As different as the word may sound, so is its usage. Also known as Eaglewood, this tree has numerous benefits. It is useful in reducing itching and burning sensation caused by sun burns or sun tans.
  • 2. SIMPLOCOS RACEMOSA: Also known as Lodhra, in particular aims at improving the health of women. It detoxifies the blood making your skin glow. Lodhra acts as a cooling agent which helps in reducing any kind of burning sensation caused due to the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.
  • 3. CAESALPINIA SAPPAN: The English term is Sappan Wood. This herb works very well in removing an uneven skin tone by clearing any kind of acne or rash caused by sun burn.
  • 4. NELUMBO NUCIFERA: The Indian lotus is another name given to this flower. Sheetam the coolant present in this flower works well on sun tans by reducing the redness on the skin. Tarpana, nourishes the skin and last but not the least, Varnya improves the skin color.
  • 5. SANTALAM ALBUM: I’m sure you all must be familiar with the word ‘Sandalwood’! It has Dahahara which helps in relieving any kind of burning sensation. Therefore it is a useful agent for people suffering from a sun tan. Santalam Album has essential minerals like- magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc which play a vital role in maintaining skin health.
  • 6. PTEROCARPUS: The English name given to it is “The Indian Kino Tree’. It helps in giving relief from any kind of inflammation from burning caused by a sun tan. It is found in the Western Ghats of Karnataka-Kerala and in the forests of Central India. The anti-bacterial and astringent properties present in this are useful in curing sun tan or sun burn.
  • 7. CALLICARPA MACROPHYLLA: This is an Ayurvedic coolant herb that is required in helping detan your skin. Any kind of burning sensation is treated effectively with the help of this exotic herb.
Product Features :
  • Shelf Life of Product: 24 Months
  • Product Weight: 260 grams


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