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Royal Indulgence Darvi Intensive Anti-Dandruff Oil - 200 ml

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Darvi Intensive Anti - Dandruff Oil.

Simply washing it away with shampoo/expensive treatments won’t solve the problem. Dandruff is a scalp-condition caused by a Malassezia fungal infection, dry skin, improper nutrition, helmet-wearing, hormones, and many other reasons.

To target ALL causes of your dandruff - Royal Indulgence Darvi has natural antifungal and antibacterial ingredients, to fight the infection-causing microbes. It locks in moisture with deeply moisturizing natural oils. And it removes flakes using the safest, gentlest alternative to clear you scalp. All this - without drying your scalp or causing itchiness.

  • 1. Neem: A potent, natural antifungal and antimicrobial that weakens and removes Malassezia infection on the scalp that causes dandruff.
  • 2. Tulsi: A well-known, concentrated herb to nourish your scalp while preventing and fighting infection.
  • 3. Gandhak (Natural Sulphur): The safest, gentlest way to lift away flakes from your hair and scalp. Does not dry out or strip your scalp of essential oil like shampoos and synthetic ingredients.
  • 4. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: With large molecules that simply can’t block your pores, this oil solely hydrates and moisturizes your scalp. Also has a dominant antimicrobial effect.
  • 5. Cinnamon: A strong antimicrobial that relieves infection but also heals your scalp from daily damage.
  • 6. Jatamansi: Another super-effective antifungal that targets infections - solving flakiness and itchiness. Additionally it is also known to promote hair-growth.
  • 7. Durva: To maximize scalp-repair by soothing irritations and preventing itching sensations.
  • 8. Karanji: Stimulates your scalp for better blood-flow, circulating more nutrients to your scalp. Thus ensures overall greater scalp-health and healing.
Product Features :
  • Shelf Life of Product: 12 Months
  • Product Weight: 260 grams


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