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Ā Go subtle ā€“ Choose khadi Kurtis.

Ā Kurtis are a marker of Indian culture. Anyone wearing a kurti is taken to be an Indian. Though Kurtis have now become popular all over the world it still has its roots deeply embedded in the Indian subcontinent. These days you can many different types of Kurtis . They come in innumerable different shapes and designs and the fabric also has wide variations. Synthetic fabrics are gradually giving an extremely tough competition to all the age old natural fabrics due to their cheap price and ease of use as well as maintenance. However one variety of Kurtis which has deep roots in India and still equally popular in the face of cut throat competition is the age old khadi kurti. Ā 

Khadi Kurtis and their connection with History

Khadi Kurtis have always been popular in India. This is because khadi itself has a very rich connection with Indian History particularly during the Indian National Movement. The Boycott of British goods and the introduction of the concept of Swadeshi which means using goods made in your own country increased the popularity of khadi. This was later popularised by Gandhi ji who made the charkha and the khadi into symbols of nationalism and resistance to the British Raj. Thus the next time you wear a khadi kurti remember the rich history and tradition and boom with pride!


Khadi is made of real cotton and the best thing about it is its hand woven style which adds a finishing which is totally different from the machine made fabric Kurtis. They are dyed in many different colours and you do not need to worry at all about the choice of colours. They are also durable and breathable. They can adapt to the temperature well and are absorbent in nature..Ā  They are probably the most comfortable thing to wear on earth and you will feel amazing by wearing one of them.

Many people have an idea that khadi Kurtis are plain and simple. Yes they are. But it is not restricted to that. These days the market has innumerable designer khadi Kurtis. Ā Keeping in mind the demand of the changing times the manufacturers have brought in a lot of designer khadi Kurtis. You can get these Kurtis in a plenty of patterns, styles and designs and you can choose the one you like and which suits you best. Thus can also be an ideal gift for your loved one. The soft and cosy feeling and the touch of history to it will surely make them happy and feel valued.

And today you donā€™t even have to visit an endless number of stores and browse through their collections till you find the kurti of your choice.Ā  Everything can be done sitting at home even from the comfort of your beds. You can sit at home and indulge in your khadi kurti online shopping. These days even the government khadi stores offer the facility of online shopping. There is no minimum quantity of order that you need to place and the shopping charges are often minimal and there are times when you even get the benefit of free shipping. So you can just be carefree and start your khadi kurti online shopping and watch your kurti arrive home without any hassle.

Ā TheĀ  climateĀ  of tropical regions and particularly that of the Indian subcontinent is well suited to wear khadi cotton suits. You will stay comfortable, light and breezy eveĀ  after a long and tiring day at work since these Kurtis are extremely breathable. Though people generally do not prefer to wear khadi cotton suits in functions and weddings, you can always break the trend and set a new trend by wearing a designer khadi kurti that has some amazing embroidery work done on it and this is bound to set you apart from others in a moment and help you to make a mark.

Certain fairs and festivals are held by the government in orderĀ  to promote this traditional fabric. In thee fairs many small entrepreneurs come to showcase and sell their craft. You can witness some amazing collections at these places. And if you are willing to buy a lot of Kurtis for yourself and to gift others you can buy khadi Kurtis wholesale.Ā  This will really save a lot of your money. Even if you are an entrepreneur you can buy khadi Kurtis wholesale and then work on them in the form of embroideries or dyeing in order to enhance their style so that your clients are stunned.

There are some cons of these Kurtis. The material readily shrinks after several washes. Moreover, many people are not comfortable in khadi as it causes irritation and allergies on their skin. However, this is only rare and for people who have extremely sensitive skin.

If you are looking to add an ethnic touch to your look and to connect with the rich history of the country you should then definitely try out khadi and you would never be disappointed.Ā  Moreover what should be remembered is that when you are patronising khadi , you are supporting a spinner and weaver to retain his employment and continue his livelihood. These days there is a tremendous amount of competition from synthetic fibre as well as machine made clothes and the art of weaving khadi which is a heritage is slowly but steadily dying out. It is therefore our responsibility to take care and preserve our rich culture and heritage and to reconnect with our glorious history and our roots because the comfort lies in returning to ones origin and roots. Moreover apart from the government efforts,Ā  we as individuals need to support and patronise the khadi spinners and weavers which will help and encourage them to continue their craft and livelihood and this will help in preserving the rich heritage of our own country. So, without thinking any further start ordering your khadi kurti and bask in the comfort and rich history.