GreenCure MagnoItch Ayurvedic Herbal Anti Itching Cream - 15 grams - Pack of 3

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This gentle formulation contains only herbal proven actives like micro silver that calm and inhibit the self-contamination process due to itching activity. The formula not only hydrates but also calms and soothes itchiness and irritation due to dry skin.

• Fungal infection

• Bacterial Infection

• Itchiness on dry skin

• Inflammation caused due to skin infection

• Acute skin infections

Product Ingredient:
  • Microsilver has strong antibacterial and calming properties, helps fight against itching and redness with long lasting effect. Calendula has reepithelizing and wound healing activity, anti inflammatory properties. Zincum has anti-inflammatory, astringent, soothing and drying effects.
Product Benefits:
  • Magnoitch - hydrates, calms and soothes itchiness and irritation due to dry skin, effective for fungal infection, bacterial infection.
Ayurvedic Proprietary Product:
  • Quick action, 100% Herbal Actives, Effective from first use itself
  • No Side Effects, EDTA Free, PEG Free, Mineral & Paraffin Oil Free, Paraben Free, PPG Free, No Added Fragrance, Steroid Free
  • International Standard - Designed by German Scientists and as per European Union norms.
Seal Type:
  • Inner Seal Only
Pack of Contain:
  • 3 Qty
Product Weight:
  • 15 grams
Product Expiry Date :
  • 2 Years

Magnoitch 2

Magnoitch 2