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Why you should have an embroidered kurti

India is popular for its Kurtis, both traditional and modern. A large selection of embroidered kurti designs is now available that women will never get bored of. The ideal ensemble that is appropriate for all occasions nowadays is Kurtis. Kurti is the Indian outfit which is the most comfortable and looks elegant and beautiful on everyone and on all occasion. Fortunately, the market is full of embroidered kurti, so you can easily purchase it online or offline.

Here are some reasons why you should have an embroidered kurti:

1) They are available in all forms and sizes.

Embroidered Kurtis do discriminate against anyone. In fact, it's these kinds of Kurtis that are appropriate to women of all ages. Go for embroidered Kurtis if you wish to wear something trendy but comfortable.

2) They are versatile

For any and every event, Kurtis is an appropriate outfit, whether you are attending a wedding party or a Mehndi ceremony, embroidered Kurtis really look elegant every time. When wearing Kurtis, you do not need to worry too much as they are amazingly-comfortable and look graceful too. So go get your embroidered kurti from some online embroidered kurti store or offline and wear it over a pair of jeans and tell us if we didn't already tell you how chic it looks.

3) They go with everything

The best thing regarding Kurtis is that denim, palazzos, Patiala, leggings, and salwars, all can be worn along with it. If you have nothing new to wear, you might even try it with jeggings. If it's long enough for an embroidered Kurti, you can even ditch the bottoms and wear it like a dress.

4) No age limitations

One of the special ensembles that blend into the wardrobe of every age group is Embroidered Kurtis. In truth, embroidered Kurtis are no longer just something children wear to temples and religious places -they've gotten pretty trendy and they definitely make you look pretty and cute. Embroidered kurti designs are also much more practical to deal with than the more intricate types of ethnic wear, particularly when it comes to fancier functions. You can look just as elegant in an embroidery kurti that flatters your body type.

5) They are available for experimentation

Embroidered Kurtis quickly accepts numerous embroidery designs, shapes, and options as well. There are sleeves, sleeveless, cap sleeves and netted choices, and you can pick and play with your dupatta in case of the solid shades anytime and make them anything from party wear embroidered Kurtis to comfy regular wear ones. A single embroidered item could be carried in so many ways, you'll be surprised to know! Then you can also give it a different twist if you have an old kurti by chopping off the sleeves, breaking the centre to make it a split kurti, or experimenting with embroidery on it. To redefine the whole style, you can even go for a hand embroidery kurti.

6) They are budget-friendly

It's never going to make you feel like it's not worth investing as no matter how fancy your latest embroidered Kurti is, simply because other choices will undoubtedly be much more pricey. We think each type of kurti deserves to be owned, basically since they are worth every rupee and they don't displease. Online embroidered kurti store will have many budget friendly ones to offer too!

Here are some very famous embroidered Kurtis you must know and own:

  1. Kutchi Bharat -

The pride of Gujarat's Kutch area are these vivid embroidered Kurtis with geometric patterns. These Kurtis are trendy for their versatility among females of all age groups. As it can be worn almost everywhere, be it work or a seasonal party or a family gathering, you do not need to have a special reason to wear it.

You can purchase cheap Kurtis online and then stitch Kutchi Bharat on the borders to turn your plain, boring Kurti into a Kutchi Bharat instantly. In general, these Kurtis are offered in bright colours and are suitable for summer and spring.

  1. Chikankari -

Chikankari is a traditional hand embroidery kurti type that looks fantastic on the Indian skin tone. Usually, Chikan work is performed on exquisite silk fabric. The initiator of this type of embroidery was NurJahan, Mughal Emperor Jahangir's beloved spouse. Chikankari Cotton is very popular. In summer, if you want to look great, you have to own one of these. At an affordable rate, many awesome Kurtis are available.

  1. Zardozi -

Zardozi, ostentatiously majestic and plentiful in nature, is like a studded diamond in the crown of Indian apparel. The initial Zari work was made to decorate silk clothes by melting metals such as silver, copper and gold and creating threads from those molten metals. So, they've been incredibly pricey in the past. However, Kurtis with beautiful Zari work with a plastic core on the inside and golden thread outside, you can purchase inexpensive Kurtis online nowadays.

  1. Kashmiri -

The Kashmiri design is another special Kurti design and one of the most common embroidered Kurti styles. This style, as the name implies, originates from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The satin stitch, the chain stitch, the slanted stitch, etc, are used successfully by the skilled artisans of Kashmir to create exquisite designs.

Available in pastel shades, they have a distinctive, authentic feel. They make these embroideries on warm woollen fabrics as Kashmir's weather is cold all-round the year.

  1. Kantha -

Sarees, Salwars and Kurtis, embroidered in Kantha, belong to East Bengal of North-East part of India and they are one of a kind. The best thing about Kantha-stitch Kurtis is that from used products and garments, they are made. They look very sophisticated and pretty.


We have provided you with a thorough list of great Kurtis that you can flaunt on all occasions. If you're a lover of Indian costumes, these are five party wear embroidered Kurtis that you must have in your fancy Kurtis set.