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Kurtis are one of the most comfortable outfits to wear and talking about comfort , you cannot help but mention the queen of comfort. Yes we are talking about cotton blend Kurtis.  Cotton is absolutely the perfect material in tropical countries like India and is the most comfortable thing on earth. However Kurtis made of pure cotton  will lose its charm after several washes and therefore the solution is cotton blend Kurtis.

Buying cloth pieces and getting it made at a tailor’s shop involves a lot of hassle. So these days you can easily get readymade cotton blend Kurtis in many different designs. This will save a lot of time  and energy. Nowadays you can even order your Kurtis online from any online store for cotton blend Kurtis. This will allow you to browse thousands of designs in readymade cotton blend Kurtis absolutely from the comfort of your homes which is an advantage in the times of pandemic. There are many a different online store for cotton blend Kurtis and you will never face a shortage of choice.

When you wish to combine the features of different fabrics in a single dress cotton blended Kurtis are the best option. They will feel exactly like cotton on your body. At the same time, the addition of other fabrics like polyester , linen or rayon will make the kurti more elastic, light weight and resistant to creases and wrinkles. Thus you get the positive features of both cotton and the artificial fibre. This makes these Kurtis comfortable and resistant to wear and tear at the same time. Cotton blends will not only be stronger than pure cotton Kurtis but will also offer a wider range and variety of designs since the material becomes more flexible as a result of blending. Thus if you want the comfort of cotton fabric and at the same time long for the resistance and durability of artificial fabrics , you should definitely go for cotton blend Kurtis.

When it comes to the corporate world, many people prefer to wear Kurtis as they are comfortable, easy to carry and maintain. Wearing Kurtis to interviews is also quite common. The question that often arises is which kurti is best suited for wearing to interviews or in corporate setups and meetings. Well the answer is you should definitely wear something in which you are most comfortable. So speaking about the fabric, cotton is the queen of comfort. But then you have the worries of creases and wrinkles which are very common in a country like India where the weather is hot and humid most of the times. Here these Kurtis come as a saviour for you. They are comfortable and extremely suitable to wear for long hours at work . Moreover you need not worry at all about creases and wrinkles and can confidently wear these Kurtis for your corporate meetings and interviews. There are many  appropriate corporate kurti designs for you to choose from. These are simple and not ornate or gorgeous. They are available mainly in single colours. You can choose from various different colours. These single coloured Kurtis will not only give you a formal look at your workplace but will also provide you with a unique style statement. Therefore when it comes to corporate kurti designs you can close your eyes and go for cotton blends.

Cons of cotton blended Kurtis     

Though there are mostly advantages of wearing Kurtis which have a blend of cotton and another fabric like polyester. However there are certain negative sides to it and these obviously stem from the use of artificial fibre. As the quantity of materials like polyester increases in the dress material theses disadvantages become more prominent. So we can witness the defects if there is increased quantitative content of the synthetic fibre. Many people experience allergic reactions on their skin as the quantity of synthetic fibres is increased in the dress material. In addition after several washes , pellets are formed on the kurti if polyester is present which will obviously not enhance the beauty of the wearer. Moreover polycarbonate items often accumulate static electricity and this results in attraction of dust particles and hair which settle on the dress material.  This is why people often tend to avoid these Kurtis and go for cotton Kurtis in spite of higher prices.

However this problem can be solved if you choose blended Kurtis which have a higher proportion of cotton. This will make the fabric more breathable.

These days you can always order your favourite Kurtis sitting at home and they will be delivered anywhere in the world. The demand for Kurtis is growing substantially not only among Indians but among people from across the globe and from diverse cultures. This is because of its simplicity  ease of wearing and use and also its amazing style statement.  So if you want to order Indian Kurtis sitting in the United States of America , it is perfectly feasible. You can get Indian Kurtis online USA with free shipping.  There are many e commerce sites that offer delivery within just a few days and this makes it very convenient for customers anywhere in the world to order and wear their favourite dress anywhere anytime. People living in the States should therefore stop worrying and place their orders today for their Indian Kurtis online USA free shipping.

Despite certain drawbacks cotton blend Kurtis are definitely the best choice to make. These Kurtis are suitable for various occasions ranging from formal meetings to a social gathering with friends and family or even a trip. You can always choose the quantity of other fabrics in the blended material. These Kurtis allow you the get the positive aspects and benefits of two fabrics at the same time. Thus many people prefer these Kurtis to either pure cotton Kurtis or Kurtis made of synthetic materials like polyester. They are popular with people of  all age groups.