Mittise Rose Water - 50 ml

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Distilled from damascena roses. Freshens, cleanses and tones skin. Has a cooling and therapeutic effect on skin. It works as a cleanser, moisturizer and astringent, cleanses pores. Helps in removing dirt, makeup and oil from the skin. Stimulates circulation and helps in maintaining ph balance. It is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and has astringent properties. Can also be used in food and beverages. Usage: as required, for skin care or culinary purposes. Suitable for use by 15 year olds or above contains: distilled water of damascena roses. Contains no preservatives, so harmless cloudy sediments may form after some time. These can be strained out using cotton.100% natural & handmade, free from harmful chemicals, no animal testing, vegetarian, no added preservatives, colors, fragrance.

Ingredients :
  • Distilled water of damascena roses.
Best Before:
  • 1.5 years from manufacturing


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