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Why Every Female Must Have Anklets

Women and their feet have always been best friends with anklets, an elegant ornament-like chain that adorns their feet and holds the power to attract hearts that witness their charm with their tinkling sound. Since the age of kings and queens, anklets have been part of Indian culture. Women decorated their feet with anklet jewelry to indicate their marital status, and dancers wear them to add a touch of elegance and sensuality to their dance movements. With time, anklet jewelry have steadily become an important part of the jewelry collection of every girl and have evolved from being just traditional to simple styles that are fashionable enough to be worn even at the workplace.

They are generally called, Anklets or PayPal and are gifted as an auspicious gift to newborn girls and by the groom's family to the new bride. Women not only wear them as an integral part of their everyday lives but also as a fashion accessory. Today, there are many styles and types of anklets available at anklets jewelry online store so you can choose any anklet design that fits your style.

Metal Anklets

Among young girls and working women, these are very popular. Metal anklets do not have many embellishments, and you can have one in any metallic color, from yellow gold, rose gold, and silver to oxidized silver, not too flashy but delicate enough to amplify the beauty of your feet available at anklet store Online.

Beaded Anklets

Beaded anklets are usually worn on one foot and often by girls of western clothing. It is possible to align the colorful beads of different shapes and patterns with the colors of the dress.

Bridal Anklets

Due to their ornate nature, also known as Jhaanjhar, bridal anklets are usually very heavy and have a beautiful inlay of polki, kundan or even diamonds. Many brides, unlike the conventional silver ones, are now opting for rose gold anklets. Small bells or ghungroos, along with intricate craftsmanship, are a part of these anklets.

Gold Anklets 

Gold anklets are currently trending at par with silver anklets that were once the favored option. With traditional Indian apparel such as sarees, salwar suits, and lehengas, gold anklets go very well with ease. These are available easily at gold anklet Online stores. 

The Kada Anklet 

These anklets are made of gold and silver and are circular like a robust kada. You can buy gold anklet Online at reasonable prices.

Sterling Silver Anklets 

Since anklets came into being, the all-time favorite sterling silver anklets have become popular. The work of Meenakari, the work of enamel, the colored zircon, the ghunghroos, the rings, and the charms; you name it, you can have it all.

Custom Anklets 

If you want to have a different style statement, you can make your own custom anklets of desired metallic color and desired style of ghungroo and bells. You can get these Beautiful custom anklets Online.

You can bring luxury to your feet with anklets. It looks fantastic with all kinds of garments, both Western and Indian. With Beautiful custom anklets Online now available in all metallic colors, from gold and silver to copper, you can easily pair them with the other pieces of jewelry, Kurtis or sarees  that you intend to wear on a traditional occasion. Keep the anklet style basic for everyday wear or for teaming up with your western attire so that it does not jingle away too much. If you're willing to buy anklets, they are available at anklet store online and anklets jewelry online store.