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The “kurta” which in Persian literally means a shirt without a collar, was in parts of southern Asia , including India, Sri Lanka, , Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and other places, the traditionally and ethically garb of chosen equally for both men and women in common.  Although initially “kurta” were worn by men, but later on due to changes and development in fashion statements became a staple women outfit, which came to be known as the ‘‘kurti”. Mainly designed to resist and survive through the hot and humid climate of the South Asian regions, in the olden days, Kurtis and kurtas they were designed with complete simplicity lacking any sort of intricate, sophisticated or grand embellishments. This traditional attire gained a popularity boost from the late 1960s, which saw a fusion between Indo-Western cultures and traditional Indian culture. This popularity later on shifted to the abundant availability, of this high demanded women’s attire .This popularity also shifted to online shopping of Kurtis at low prices since women really enjoyed wearing Kurtis due to its relaxed, easy-going  style and comfort factor. Online demand of Kurtis at low prices has helped customers across the world to be satisfied with affordable and quick shopping which saves time and energy. Therefore women from every corner of India, every state, every town of India, rely on this in trend clothing, which is the ideal for both sophistication and comfort at the same time.

There are various affordable online kurti stores across India as well as across the globe , who are doing their best to manufacture latest kurti designs and  keeping up with innovation and quality control. This is done so as to sustain their rising market demands from their customers. The key of success for these affordable online kurti stores is that they understand the market and they provide you with the best range and quality of product of designer kurti at affordable price.

Therefore, following are some of the latest designs of Indian ethnic Kurtis brought to you, in order to help you do wise shopping of designer Kurtis at affordable price and also keep in mind the current style quotients that are in vogue and you cannot afford to miss.


In this world of fusion when the traditional roots are given a twist with the modern look, born are the Indo-Western Kurtis. Consisting of different necklines and sleeves, lend this Kurti an edgier look. Asymmetrical cuts and slits are a major part of this style statement, which are meant to be worn at several events like college, fests, outings, casual parties, dates, dinners and non-traditional events. These modern Kurtis are paired up with short pants, leggings, jeggings, jeans, stockings, etc. This type of semi traditional wear can be paired with perfect accessories. This look of online Kurtis at 25$ - 50 $ makes it available on online stores and  affordable.


This is yet another set traditional outfit which creates a bold statement  and hence is a great choice of affordable Kurtis online store, The contrasting bright color blocks matched up with the variety in shapes of asymmetrical, A-line, Straight ,long or short makes it perfect for casual outings, office wears, party wears etc. Pairing these with perfect accessories and ideal shoes, makes it a great style statement. These traditional Kurtis within 50 $, call for affordable prices across online stores, are a hit among women. The blend of tradition and modernity is something from which you cannot take your eyes off.


The jacket Kurtis helps breaking the monotony of the kurti’s color when paired with an ideally contrasting jacket. Jacket Kurtis are flared and hence add to the glamorous look of the outfit. The Kurtis remain minimalist and the jackets usually embellished with heavy embroidery or embellishments. These can be paired with any sort of matching bottom .These traditional Kurtis within 50 $, call for affordable prices across online stores, are also used as heavy wedding outfits or for lavish festival occasions. These Kurtis are available in various fabrics, with  the silk and raw silks being used as heavy wedding outfits, while the georgette, Rayon, Crepe for the casual party purposes.


The best kind of Kurtis at low price which serves a two in one purpose is the new trend of the reversible Kurtis. Consisting of two pieces a kurta and jacket, which can be worn in reversed manners, help it to be a great affordable online Kurtis. This Kurtis can be teamed up with other jackets or vice versa, it looks effortlessly good. Pairing this sassy look with any kind of bottom makes it look even better and creates a great style statement. Within affordable price range of Online Kurtis at 25$ - 50 $ you are sure to find this kind of Kurtis in different colors and patterns, suiting to all events and occasions.


As the name goes the tulip shape of the Kurti and its trendy hemline designs is what makes it a gorgeous ethnic wear. This kind of Kurtis is an ideal pick and head-turner when worn for college functions or get-together parties or office parties effortlessly pairing it with different bottoms jeggings, make you look stylish and trendy. The tulip Kurtis work well for women of all ages if one can pull off the look well and  accessorized it perfectly Within the affordable price range of online Kurtis at 25$ - 50 $ you are sure to find this kind of Kurtis in different colors and patterns, across all online stores.

The Kurtis is a specific type of Indian wear which is internationally accepted, respected and appreciated, therefore it requires careful consideration and planning before you actually go to buy one for yourself. The next time you think of purchasing any kind of Kurti, make sure you have bucket list ready with these points in mind. Before settling down for the final choice of affordable Kurtis, it is advisable for you to look through all kind of all affordable online Kurtis stores.