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After the month of Ramadan, this is one of the biggest celebrations which Muslim community all over the world celebrates with their entire family altogether. Muharram 2022 is the first month of the Islamic new year of hijri calendar. It is going to be 1444 Hijri year on July 30 when Muharram begins. All you would see is people dressing up in beautifully embroidered kaftans, hijabs, pathani and suits in the streets of these communities. Friends of muslim communities also take part in the celebrations as they are invited to bigger dinner parties. On the 10th muharram day, Muharram Fasting dua for ashura or ashura wishes are offered and dua for muharram are also done. In short, muharram has both the celebratory feeling as well as the mourning part of life in this holy and sacred month of Islam.

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However, after the first day of Muharram, the whole month is basically a period of mourning and especially the tenth day of muharram, also known as 10th muharram or day of ashura, is when the sunni muslims fast together. Muharram is also observed by Shia muslims and they mourn the tragedy of Husayn ibn'Ali's family. We will learn more about Muharram Fasting that further ahead. Let’s first discover the celebratory feeling of the Islamic new year. We will also experience the best of islamic fashion with islamic menswear, islamin womenswear like kaftan for women, designer sarees, kurtis as well as designer jewelry collection.


The appearance of the new moon begins the islamic new year and as per the islamic holy text of Quran, Muharram is one of the four auspicious month in Islam. Also, this is the month of remembrance for both sects of Islam and thus, after the new year, the month of Muharram is mostly a silent affair. Therefore, Karmaplace wants to get you ready with the best islamic wear for the celebration of the Islamic new year and so you can start shopping now to get free delivery.

This new year is also known as Hijri new year or Arabic new year as it marks the start of the hijri lunar calendar. This date is point of history when Prophet Muhammad and his followers emigrated from Mecca to Medina. In other words, his travel is called Hijrah and it basically happened around 622 Common Era as per Gregorian calendar which we currently follow. This month, like Ramadan, is marked by prayers, pilgrimage, fasting and celebrations during holy nights with home cooked dinners. It is the time when all members of the family come together and pray together.


This has been a growing trend in the global fashion industry, the whole of fashion has changed forever as they embraced islamic fashion that was both fashionable yet conservative in terms of design and stitching. Basically, islamic fashion reflects the clothing to be covered entirely on your body. Islamic wear includes both men and women and they are obliged to follow such clothing if they want to be true followers of Islam.

In this honor of Islam and Islamic fashion, islamic wear Karmaplace presents to you a curated collection of Islamic fashion to the whole world for Muharam 2022 with so much of varieties like islamic menswear like pathani suit, kurta churidar, etc and Kaftan for women, farasha for women, kurtis as well as designer sarees with stunning jewelry collection.

  1. Islamic Menswear
Islamic Menswear

Let’s begin the Islamic new year with beautiful blends of Islamic tradition into modernity. Pathani suits, kurta churidar set, kurta pajama set, sherwani suit and long kurtas are all essentially favorite parts of Islamic menswear for this Muharram 2022. The best of islamic menswear that you can shop online at Karmaplace is now available at much affordable menswear design rates along with free shipping. You can even shop for a matching couple set of kurtas for you and your partner. You add this accessory of turbans to bring menswear design more flare to your personality.

  1. Kaftan for Women
Kaftan for Women

Kaftan for women is the best fashion apparel for Muharram 2022 as it is a free flowing fashion garment that covers the entirety of the body. It also comes in a variety of prints, patterns, designs and styles. Kaftan for women is a long ankle-length fashion apparel along with long and flared sleeves. It is a very popular dress for women across the Islamic world of the Middle East.

  1. Designer Sarees
Designer Sarees

If there is something more designer if you want to wear for this Muharram 2022, Karmaplace Designers are here for you with beautiful designer sarees, designer dresses, designer lehenga, designer kurtis, etc. Anita Kanwal Studio has limited stock designer sarees made with extreme labor of love. The best of designer sarees are already sold out and now restocked designer sarees are now available for the celebration of Islamic new year.

  1. Kurtis for Women
Kurtis for Women

Kurtis are all-time favorite fashion apparel for women. Anarkali kurtis suits are mostly worn by young girls during the celebration of Islamic new year i.e. start of Muharram 2022. Kurti online usa can be beautiful because of their simple designs and durability. Print designs are something to look out for in designer kurtis for women. Kurti online usa is the best selling fashion category at Karmaplace for the entire year, therefore, lots of kurtis for women go out of stock quite quickly so you better shop online kurtis for women now at Karmaplace.

  1. Jewelry Collection
Jewelry Collection

Jhoomar maang tikka, jhumka earrings, multi-layered necklaces are worn by women during Muharram 2022 as a part of Islamic new year. Jewelry collection at Karmaplace caters to people of all communities as different variety of designs and styles from Kundan jewelry, meenakari jewelry, stone work jewelry to oxidized jewelry are made available and best loved by all the customers at


Now let’s focus on understanding the meaning of Muharram and why it is the month of remembrance and mourning. Muharram Meaning As the world knows, sunni muslims believed that after their prophet anyone can be democratically elected as their new leader but Shia muslims wanted this to done hereditary i.e. his son, his grandson or anyone related in his bloodline would take ahead the world of Islam.

This difference in ideology fueled the battle of Karbala i.e. modern day Iraq. On this event, Husayn Ibn Ali - the grandson of Islamic prophet Muhammad led a small army against the second Umayyad Caliph Yazid I and all of it resulted i the death of Husayn Ibn Ali. Thus, sunni muslim fast on this day and shia muslim mourn on this day for their martyr. It is recommended to recite Ziarat Ashura and Dua Alqama as dua for ashura. 



This Muharram 2022 falls on July 30, 2022 and it marks a new Islamic new year 1444 AH as per hijri new year.


Yes, the first month of the hijri calendar is known as muharram and the first day of Muharram is celebrated as the islamic new year.


Islamic menswear like pathani suit, sherwani suit, kurta churidar, kaftan for women, farasha for women, kurtis, designer sarees are all part of Islamic fashion.


The festivals of Hindu festival of Rakhi 2022 as well as muharram 2022 are on the same period of shopping spree alongside the Indian independence day. is celebrating muharram 2022 with most joy and fondness amongst the community by offering curated collection of islamic fashion like islamic menswear, kaftan for women, designer sarees, jewelry collection and lots of designer kidswear for boys and girls for this muharram 2022. Shop the best of islamic fashion for this muharram 2022 only on

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