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The Lehenga trends of 2021

Trending Lehengas Online

Nisha Singh |

The whole world has embraced minimalism in the year 2020. We have also had minimalistic marriages. But now the year is gone and so is the trend of minimalism. Even though the pandemic still stays with us, and the world is gearing up to get vaccinated our bride to be are in no mood to carry forward the minimalistic trend for the weddings. They are going back to the full – blown maximalist trend with heavy jewellery and multiple embellished dupattas.

Because of pandemic still being there, there is a restriction on the no. of guest allowed in a wedding. This means saving on the venue and hospitality cost. Which means more budget for the brides outfit. Our brides also had to give up the late night sangeet functions with a Dj and the after parties, which is obviously not a good thing so they decided to pamper themselves with the most elaborate, heavily embellished lehengas and walking down that aisle like no never before.

Rather than fighting the pandemic Indian brides are leaning into the situation and working their way around it and instead of spending on the guest and their hospitality at the wedding, they are spending more on themselves.

If you ask me kudos to the person who started this trend!!! And I believe this is a trend that should be practiced even after the pandemic is over.

Traditionally an Indian bride would wear red lehenga or a saree during the main event. Red is known to be the sacred color of the planet Mars (According to Hindu astrology, his planet is in charge of marriage and prosperity.) But today you will see an Indian bride in all sorts of different colors from bright Fuchsia to pastels to illuminating yellow (2021 color of the year) as well.

We have put together a list of trends for the year 2021, so if you getting married this year this blog will help in making a lot of important decisions.

The Double Dupatta

Well this trend is not new but it is definitely bigger and bolder. This year on the runway we will be seeing a lot of long trailed dupattas as a head veil and of course the normal dupatta stay as it with the garment. Manish Malhotra an ace designer in the bridal collection also has showcased the trend of double dupattas with a long head veil intricately embellished adding to the over all beauty of the outfit.

Bridal Lehengas Online
Bridal Lehenga Collection
Lehenga Choli For Bride

Light Weight Embroidery

OH this is my personal favourite!!!!

I am all cheers for the outfits which are not 20 kilos and are comfortable enough to move around and have fun. Trust me while the brides look at the wedding outfits they do not consider the weight of the lehenga to be and issue, but on the D-day you get tired soon having to wear such a heavy outfit thought out the day. The outfit weigh you down and this will make you look a little sad and tired, but if you can move around then automatically you will feel energetic and confident and have the bride glow.

Brides trust me the outfit can be comfortable and light weight and still be the outfit of your dreams.

Go for fabrics like Georgette and Chiffon which will make you look like a princess without having to sacrifice on your comfort level and will allow you to move around your venue and click some memorable pictures with your bridesmaid as well.

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Cerise obsession

This color resembles traditional lava red with undertones of Fuchsia pink. This Color is the latest obsession of our Indian bridal wear designers like Gaurav Gupta. This is perfect color for the brides who do not want to go too far away from her traditions and also want to experiment a little.

Zari Lehengas collection online


Exaggerated sleeves

This year the designers have been experimenting a lot, be it with sleeves of necklines. Till now we had seen glimpses of exaggerated sleeves only in western outfits, but now designers are experimenting with bell sleeves in Indian outfits as well.

These sleeves are being seen on gowns and blouses as well. If you do not want to go heavy with embellishment then do go for these kind of exaggerated sleeves it will make the outfit luxurious and make you feel like a princess with out making the outfit heavy.

Garnet obsession

Traditional red does not look good in evening lights, so designers are shifting away from the traditional color and bringing us similar hues and colors to bring out the best of traditionalism and modernism in their garments.

Garnet is an outstanding color to incorporate and consider if you are a bride to be.

The color looks great in sunlight and evening light and can work well both as a day wear and an evening wear out fits.

So if you have a sun downer wedding, you which color to opt for.

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Lehenga Choli Wedding Collection Online

Light Gold lehenga

Light gold or rose gold lehengas are in trend as these lehengas can work as your wedding outfit as well as your after party outfit.

And amidst the pandemic we can not have a lavish wedding anyway…

We will hardly have 2-3 functions. Gold is a great versatile color to switch through functions with grace. Generally the brides dawn a different look for the pheras and the reception.

But a gold lehenga will give you the freedom to wear the same outfit and then just change the draping style of the dupatta along with the jewellery and make up which will carry you from your traditional ceremonies to the after party.

Lehenga Design For Wedding Online
Designer Lehenga Choli


Ombre tones

I know Ombre is on its way out when it comes to hair trends, but it is the opposite when it comes to the lehengas.

Some of the brides are confused weather to go with the pastels or darker colors. But opting for an Ombre lehenga will give them best of both the worlds. Also it is really fun experimenting with the hues and colors and the effect it will give on the final outfits.

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Longer sleeves and deeper necks

Longer sleeves are very in this year as they add to the royal, elegant and formal look of the outfit. Now since the sleeves have got longer the necks have gone deeper.

Select a deep V-neck blouse and wear a stunning choker and a lot of heavy jewellery highlighting you collar bone.

Maximalist is not only about wearing a lot of jewellery or layers of clothes. It is actually about going over the top with you garments and accessories and still looking flawlessly and elegant.

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Capes and jackets

Designers are doing more capes and jackets so the brides can get rid of the dupattas. There is a lot of scope to experiment with this trend. Capes add on to the whole royal look of the outfit and the brides can move around freely as they do not have to keep adjusting their dupatta.

This layering trend of having a cape or a jacket instead of the dupatta is here to stay.

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Satin Silk Lehenga Choli Online

Exaggerated ball gowns

Which bride does not want to feel like a princess? Or which girl does not dream looking like a celebrity walking up the steps of the Met Gala?

This trend is perfect for those brides, as they expect new drapes which will create an exaggerated look combined with a silhouette that compliments your body is definitely a win win situation.

Fabrics like silk organza and luxurious fabrics like silk are used in the making of this beautiful outfit. The richness of these fabrics also add to the over all royal look and feel of the gown.

Velvet Lehenga Online

Off shoulder and puffed sleeves

Those day are gone where elegance is equal to a crisp silhouette and neutral colors. Elegance now is about being your playful best and still conducting yourself with utmost grace.

Fun sleeves are in trend this year as they add a lot of drama to the outfits. The fringe details and feathers are in trend this year. Incorporating the fringes at the end of your off shoulder sleeves combined with pearl embellishments will add a gorgeous delicate touch to the outfits.

This year we will see extreme exaggeration when it comes to bridal outfits. Right from the sleeves to the drapes the gowns will have all overall exaggerated look.

Scalloped and ruffled dupattas

Lace pearls ruffles and scallops in dupattas are going to be a big hit this year according the ace Indian Designers.

Ruffled dupattas in the fabrics like organza looks very tasteful on brides as organza itself is a very beautiful and delicate fabric.

Even if you are a traditional bride and would like a traditional outfit on your big day, adding a scalloped or a ruffled dupatta will add drama to your outfit and it is a great way to add a touch of playfulness in the outfit. Also these dupattas fall really well and photographs stunningly.

Indo western silhouette

Indian designers are moving away from the traditional silhouettes and adapting western silhouettes and blending it with Indian embellishments and color style to create a seamless combination of the west and traditional India.

Exaggerated ruffled drapes combined with an intricately embellished torso in pearls will look exceptional on the Indian brides for their evening functions.

Hybrid silhouettes that create symphony and aren’t just beautifully elegant while being feminine as well, they also make a statement about our culture and fashion combined.

Chiffon Lehenga Choli Online

Geometric shapes

Patterns like geometric stripes and chevron are really in trend right now. Geometric shapes and chevrons have been given the attention they have long deserved. These inverted v shaped wavy pattern is a big hit with designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi.

Earlier this trend has been seen in vogue in 2014 and it is back with a bang 5 years later.

There is a wide range of patterns and colors to select from right from golden and white hues to a deep fuchsia color.

New Lehenga Designs
Mirraw Lehenga Choli
Utsav Fashion Lehenga

Gold dori work

This year we will be able to see a lot of gold dori work as Designer Manisha Malhotra has introduced this in his new collection name Ruhaniyaat. Gold work on bright colored fabrics is a signature outfits for brides from the state of Punjab. Introducing this gold work in a new color palette with unique patterns is great way to mix the traditions with newer designs.

Non gold embroidery

If you are the kind of bride who just does not want to see the most memorable outfit of your life in the closet and would like to wear it a few times later then do consider the Non gold embroidered lehengas as these outfits will be pretty versatile for any of the future traditional functions.

Also gold can sometimes add age to an outfit and might look dull and worn out after a period of time. So going for a non gold embellishment might do the trick and will definitely keep your outfit a perfect fit for other events as well.

Hope this blog will be helpful for selecting your traditional lehengas.

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Hello, First of all, a big thank you to whoever wrote this blog. You won’t understand how much this blog is going to help me. I was in confusion mode before reading the blog but now I can decide on the perfect lehenga for my friend’s wedding!!


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