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Spring activities around the house

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We know how difficult this lockdown has been on us, while for most of us the lockdown has come as a blessing because they have got more time to spend with their families, which was kind of difficult with our daily work routine before the lockdown but some of us also have got extremely bored and lonely sitting at home for over an year.

While we cannot do much about the pandemic except from maintaining a healthy distance from crowded places and parties, we do understand the challenges socially distancing yourself brings.

So here are some home décor ideas and fun activities you can do around the house to shakes off the lockdown blues and enjoy some fun quality time with your kiddos in your backyard teaching them some valuable lessons of life. 

  • Change the home décor

Well we generally do not get the time from our busy schedule to change our house décor. With so much time on our hand this is a perfect opportunity to make minute changes around the house and give a completely new look and feel to your house.

Change a few curtain colours around, to give it an interesting contrast, get some indoor plats, and have nice flowers in the flower vases to liven up your living room, have some interesting bedsheets and cushion covers which go with the theme of your room. Options are plenty.

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  • Refresh the house style.

We tend to get bored by wearing the same kind of outfits again and again. In the same way we get bored of looking at the same kind of house décor over the years, hence it is essential to keep changing a few things around.

It could be something as simple as ordering a spring themed floral bedsheet and having contrasting cushion covers to add a nice pop of colour to your room.

You could also get one of those live planted wall hangings to add some extra greenery to your room.

The curtains can also be spring themed and change the boring white curtains to some nice pastel coloured and see how nicely all the above ideas put together brighten up your room

Orders these bedsheets and curtains online if you do not wish to go to a store and hunt for them.

  • Liven your house up with flowers

Using fresh flowers and small plants around the house is the easiest way to bring the outside beauty inside. Ask your kids what are their favourite flowers or their favourite colour and choose your indoor flowers accordingly.

If you are not a fan of having flowers indoor which die after 2-3 days, you can have some nice indoor flowering plants. They will increase to the greenery in the house and you will not have to keep changing them as well every 2-3 days.

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  • Adopt a tree

Tell your family you would be adopting a tree and this tree would be an additional member of your family. So now there are two ways of adopting a tree, either you can plant a seed in your backyard or order a sampling and plant that in your backyard.

Also make sure you select the perfect tree for your backyard which you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. Some suggestions from our end is plant some fruit trees or some nice bushes or even some beautiful floral trees.

Once you decide on a tree, do not forget to do some research on it and learn about the kind of caring and fertilizers it need to help it grow. You could also learn about some natural fertilizer made out of leftover vegetable and fruit waste at home.

Click pictures around it… measure its growth. Research also shows you can lay music around it and talk to the newest member in your family, it will help the tree grow better and faster.

  • Make a bird feeder

Take an empty milk can lying around the house and make a triangle in the middle of it on both sides and cut it with a cutter. This will leave your milk can with a triangle shaped hope in between. Take a brown rope and tie it around the nozzle of the can and stick it with a glue, until the rope is stuck properly and holds the can.

You can also involve your kids in sticking this rope. Take a sandpaper and smoothen the rough edges of the can from outside and inside, after all the birds should not get hurt while they come and feed from the bird feeder.
If you do not want to go through the process of making a bird feeder at home, you can just go and buy it from and paint it with your kids.

Lastly take a mix of grains like jowar, barley, chana dal, maize, sunflower seeds, wheat, oats, millets and quinoa. Put this mixture of grains in the can and hang it from a tree in your backyard. You will see slowly all kinds of birds coming and feeding from this feeder.

Take your kids near the feeder and see them enjoy the nature and you can even educate them as well about the different kinds of birds.

  • Change the art work

This is one of my favourite things to do around spring. Invest in some spring themed art decors and change it every year. This will bring a fresh look and feel around the house. You can opt for colourful abstract paintings instead of putting up the mundane flower vases and pant pictures.

Tip: If you want to give an elegant feel to your house always use hand painted paintings instead of basic photographic ones.

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  • Decorate the outdoor Patio

Patio is everyone’s favourite places around the house. A well decorated patio looks really nice and makes you want to spend more time outdoors. Add some outdoor curtains, some twinkly fairy lights, nice deep coloured cushion covers and of course lots of small potted plants. You can have a mix of floral and different coloured leaf plants. You can also have a nice table mat which is in co-ordination with your cushion covers.

Involve your kids in helping you choose the colour theme. They can also help you paint the pots for these plants. This will definitely give them something to do on a lazy afternoon and help you spend some quality time with your kids and bond with them.

Tip: You can match the colour of your cushions and flowers as well.

These were basic things you could do to change the décor of your home. Apart from this here is a list of activities you can do with your kids in your backyard on a lazy afternoon.

 1] Blow some bubbles with your kids in the backyard and relive your childhood.

2] Play hide and seek in your backyard

3] You and your kids can rid a bike around your neighbour hood.

4] Go to a nearby park and feed the ducks in the pond

5] Play hopscotch

6] Get your kids interested in gardening

7] Go hiking to a nearby mountain trail.

8] You could also camp there

9] Make memories and take lots of pictures.

10] Get your kids interested in baking and bake an easy chocolate cake or some fresh cookies.

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Options are plenty... I hope this blog list adds some fun in you and your kid’s life in between this boring social distancing phase.


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