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Punjabi Wedding Dresses - A Complete Guide For Bride And Groom Outfits

Punjabi Wedding Dresses for male

Punjabi weddings are always larger than life than any other social event in Indian culture. It's a week-long tradition of celebrations that includes engagement, sangeet, haldi, and the wedding itself.

The invite list to a Punjabi wedding it's always in a huge number and so is the celebratory feel of the event.

Punjabi wedding dresses are always sought after a shopping spree that happens months before the wedding day and the entire family from both bride and groom side are involved together.

Punjabi weddings happen mostly in a large banquet hall or enlarge sports ground where a film-like set decoration is assembled and attendees always feel like a part of a spectacle.

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Punjabi wedding dresses for brides and grooms can shop online as well as in-store but most of the Punjabi families prefer to shop ethnic-designed dresses from local tailors and designers that pass on the Heritage design culture to the next generation. It represents a symbol of their culture that is portrayed in an event called a wedding.

Punjabi families living abroad far away from India especially located in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America love to shop directly from India either on an online eCommerce platform or to get it shipped from an India-based boutique.

However, not all can shop for the perfect wedding dress from India and get it shipped in proper condition to their homes abroad.

At karmaplace.com, you can shop from a wide and curated range of wedding outfits as per your choice and convenience. It has fashion apparel from every region of India putting your heritage at the forefront especially on your wedding day.

Karmaplace offers shopping sales on wedding dresses that you cannot miss for the love of your dream wedding dress. Also allows you to customize your dress as per your settings in terms of stitched or unstitched, length, sizes of the blouse, and design pattern of the blouse.

You can even get color choices in wedding dresses for select exclusive designs. It is a luxurious experience to shop from India for the gorgeous moment of a lifetime.

Let’s check out the most beloved Punjabi wedding dresses 

Anarkali suits are pretty gowns that are way more comfortable as well as stylish for a Punjabi wedding ceremony as a bride. Anarkali suits made of Georgette fabric, santoon fabric, and even art silk fabric are more preferred for wedding occasions.

Anarkali suits come with a dupatta that you can drive around your shoulder and sometimes it comes with heavy embroidery work that has very intricate details of the artwork.

Anarkali gown is a dress that consists of a top that has a long frock style extension that creates a blossoming flow. Anarkali suits are powerful outfits that look beautiful and self-confident with your personality.

Anarkali suits online


Anarkali gowns are long that will touch your toe and from top to bottom it carries a heavy work design that appears bold. These gowns can also be called ball gowns and are preferred mostly as a Punjabi wedding dress.

Long dangling earrings or jhumkas can be styled well with this Anarkali suit as a need for a studded necklace won’t be necessary because the neckline of the Anarkali suit is well designed. Maybe a simple maang tikka would add a final touch to your glorious appearance.

  • Salwar Kameez Suits

Salwar kameez suits are also called Punjabi suits that come in three-piece sets.

It is a very popular ethnic wear from India and it comprises - a kameez i.e. a tunic top and a salwar i.e floating trouser and a dupatta.

Punjabi women must own a salwar kameez suit in their wardrobe. Today, you can shop a wide variety of designs in the salwar suits collection.

Salwar kameez ladies


They are more fit to your body to show the curves and confident personality. It is attention-gaining fashion apparel that surely is a head-turner in the crowd.

Simple pendant light necklace and danglers or chandbali earrings Canvas style passionately e as per your fashion agenda. Heavy studded Kundan jewelry can also be adorned if you are wearing a salwar kameez suit on your wedding day. 

  • Shararas

Shararas are classic Indian ethnic wear that goes decades back in the history of fashion in India. It is a design upgrade to a classic salwar kameez suit. It is three-piece stress that includes a top of floating pants and a dupatta.

The top is only till the middle portion of the body and the rest is covered by floating pants that are fitted till the knees and then flares open till the bottom.

Dupattas of shararas are embroidered with heavy zari work with maybe sequins or other embellishments. Floral patterns are more popular on sharara dresses that easily shop online.

Readymade gharara online


Pastel shades are more preferred than bold colors in shararas. There isn’t any Punjabi wedding where at least one guest isn’t wearing a sharara. It is almost a mandatory Punjabi wedding dress.

For the bottom white plazo are preferred as they float dramatically and stylishly. It is a perfect wedding dress combination during summer.

Oxidized silver jewelry can go well with sharara as they would hold muted shades than the dress itself. So the dress becomes the main part of everyone's attention and the jewelry becomes a perfect accessory to your dress.

  • Lehenga Choli

These are popular for showing India's rich culture as it shows the most delicate work on fashion apparel ever. It is a beautiful and elegant fashion garment that stands no competitive option. Lehenga choli consists of three pieces: a lehenga blouse or a choli, a long skirt, and a dupatta.

Lehenga Choli can be worn as party wear, casual wear, or even as wedding wear. Lehenga Choli is mostly customized as per the fittings as then you can get a perfect fit without any loose ends. Compliments perfectly for a wedding as it remains an eternal fashion piece that remains started in everyone's eyes.

Lehenga choli designs


It can be easily prepared with Kundan jewelry with Kundan maang tikka as well as a nose ring. You must always shop for a lehenga choli based on your skin tone. It should complement your personality and enhance your aura.

  • Sherwani Set for Men

Sherwani is a suit-like garment that is worn over a kurta or kurta shirt. It is the most preferred Punjabi wedding dress for men, boys, or any male coming as a guest at a wedding.

A sherwani can be as long as knee-length and a mid-size as well. They are the most elegant piece of fashion apparel for men and in almost every wedding of an Indian groom, he wears a stylish sherwani set for sure. It is an essential Indian ethnic wear for men that gives additional style and grace to one’s personality.

Usually, sherwanis can get customized as per your size requirements, and thus, it gets you the most perfect fit for your body.

Latest Sherwani design marriage


Sherwanis are meant to make your body and personality look sharp and sleek. It makes you more eye-catching than any other menswear that you shop for special or festive occasions.

Shop sherwani set for men and boys online in the US only at karmaplace.com. You can style your sherwani with a simple or studded chain around the neck or maybe with a bold round ring on your finger.

Turban is a perfect accessory for a sherwani set that adds more flare to the whole fashion outfit.

  • Kurta Set for Men

Kurtas for men are tunics that can vary by length from knee-length to mid-length. They are originally collarless shirts but nowadays, with more modern designs, you even find strong collars similar to a t-shirt.

Kurta set for men is a very simple yet stylish Punjabi wedding dress for men, boys, or males attending as wedding guests.

It is generally made of cotton fabric and it consists of two pieces, a shirt-like garment and a pair of pants. The pants are mostly white to complement the color of the kurta.

Mens Kurta Pajama for Wedding


Kurta sets are usually dyed with solid colors but you can also shop online for unique prints and patterns on the kurta piece that can even come with zari embroidery.

Kurtas for men can be worn, depending on style and design, as casual wear, partywear, and most of the time as festive wear. A Nehru jacket or sherwani can be an add-on style accessory for a kurta set adding extra handsome vibes.

Shop Kurta set with pajamas for men and boys online directly from India and style it with a pendant-like chain around the neck. Solid colored turbans can be a perfect style accessory for a kurta set to show off your attire.

Maintenance Note For Punjabi Wedding Dresses 

Punjabi wedding dresses like salwar kameez suits, Anarkali suits, lehenga choli, and shararas, and many other design variations are recommended to get dry cleaned due to their heavy embroidery work that needs to be sustained for durability.  

Start shopping for your dream Punjabi wedding dress. Nowadays, the widespread popularity of Bollywood and its grand Punjabi wedding ceremonies in most feature films have opened the concept of Punjabi fashion to every other region of India.

People from other parts have also started shopping for Punjabi wedding dresses online with their traditional twist.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and feel free to comment below about your opinions and suggestions for this and future blogs. You can always share your insights by writing to us at support@karmaplace.com.



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