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Perfect Valentine day look

Valentine day Special

Nisha Singh |

You think of February and immediately valentine day is the first thing that comes to your head. Single, Engaged, Married or in-a-relationship, the thought and pressure of spending this day with your loved ones and looking your best is there everywhere.

Being in love and making your significant other happy is a beautiful feeling, but why do we restrict it to one day? It is a beautiful feeling which should be celebrated all day everyday. You should make your partner feel special all year round!!

Right??? Anyways that is a discussion for some other day!

This month is all about spreading love, celebrating togetherness and commemorating the commitment you have for your special someone. The month gets us all mushy and cuddly and it’s adorable to see the town dancing in colours of red and pink.

Well our previous post was about self love, healing and ways to pamper yourself even if you are single on valentine day.

But what if you are dating or committed or married???

We know the pressure you have of selecting a perfect thoughtful gift for your loved one maybe even making one :P is too much. After which you have to select a sexy outfit to wear on V-day and then to top it up finding those perfect pair of earrings, necklace and stilettoes that will just give that extra Oomph to the look is a lot right???

Oof too much pressure and too many things to do and figure out.

Well let us help you out with some of those things and tell you about the perfect valentine lookand a little about how to spend your day with your bae.

Or do you want us to tell you about the Perfect gift for you partner as well??? Maybe in our next Blog Post I shall tell you about the Perfect gift.

What is Valentine’s Day without candle light dinners and beautiful memorable date’s picture and memories? Just any other normal day around the year. And a date night requires us to look our best. Well let me help you with a few looks that you can try and experiment with and take his breathe away.

While selecting a perfect outfit we generally end up wearing Dresses, Tops, Skirts, Pantsuit or Denims. Isn’t it too done with?? Let me show you how you can create a different and interesting look which will definitely make you stand out this V-day.

We have created and styled multiple looks for you for you to look ravishing… Take your pick!

  • Road trip to the never never Land…

Road trip are fun aren’t they, listening to mushy love song cuddling with your darling on a never ending road having deep conversation. If you planning to spend the whole day with your partner road trip is a good option for you guys.

You need to wear comfortable clothes while travelling, hence I suggest wear a pair of denim shorts with a strappy top and a denim jacket on top. You could also year a full length distressed denim in case you don’t like wearing shorts.

You can accessorise this look by wearing some funky feather earrings or you can also wear some oxidised jewellery like a choker black necklace and a silver bracelets or hand cuff.

Do soft curls in your hair and make some thin braids after doing a side parting. Finish this look with a pair of kicks and you are good to go for this road trip.

  • Weekend get always

Do you feel one day is not enough to celebrate the love for your special someone? Do you need a whole weekend? Well here is our guide to things you need pack for your short trip.

 1] Comfortable sneakers & a pair of fancy strappy flats (you can’t keep wearing shoes for the entire weekend right)

2] One pair of jeggings and cute basic tees to wear while traveling and a pair of denims.

3] Take 2-3 sexy strappy tops or a backless top to go with those denims.

4] Carry a sexy dress to wear for the Saturday night dinner.

5] Please do not forget to carry sexy lingerie to make the nights special, you could also carry a cute pyjama set.

6] You could also carry a long tradition cowl dress to wear a different look for the Sunday breakfast. Wear this dress with Indian gold jewellery or some silver jewellery or chandelier earrings. You could also wear a few bangles and a small bindi. This will surely remind him how beautifully you can carry ethnic dresses as well.

7] Basic make up Foundation / Eyeliner / Mascara / lipsticks

8] Perfume

P.S – This checklist is not only for valentine day but you can use it for any of your weekend get always with your bae.

Well this was the list for get away and road trips. Below is the list of things to do and wear in case you are in the city on V-day and just going a meal.


  • Breakfast Tales

Do you also like to start this day with your Bae sitting by the pool sipping on some fresh cold pressed juice?

Well breakfast is a good idea. Run a hot bubble bath put on some nice vanilla and strawberry scented body splash. Wear a strappy flowy long high low dress which has a chic fresh and cute print on it with a bikini inside...

Team this dress up with a choker and a pair of stud earrings. You could also wear a hand cuff. Finish this look with tie up bohemian footwear and you are good to go…

You know the best part about this look is that after eating breakfast with your bae you just slip down the dress and go for a swim. After all swimming with your bae is just another way of making the day special…

  • The Brunch Affair

Thinking weather to go for a Breakfast or Lunch? Why not combine the two and it becomes the best meal of the day! A perfect combination of health and taste. After all those Mimosa are irresistible!!!

When going on a brunch with your loved one, be comfortable with a pair of distressed denims and a loose strappy crop top. I know basic right…

Well let’s make it interesting by adding some traditional Jewellery to them.

You can add a nose pin or a nose stud and jhumki earrings with a delicate beaded charm bracelet. You could also go an extra mile and add a thin belly chain around your waist. You can straighten your hair and let them loose. Finish this look with a pair of Jutes or strappy tie on and you are good to go!

  • Let’s do Lunch!

Large Dangling Earrings

Simple flowy dresses with floral or paisley motif will do the trick. Wear it in the shade of red or pink. You can also go for a white dress with red prints or embroidery on it.

Team this flowy dress up with long gold dangling earrings and dainty gold layered necklace. If your dress have a deep v neck, you can wear a long necklace as well. Make some twist and braids in your hair and let rest of the hair loose. Finish this look with wearing a delicate gold anklet with strappy heels in colours of gold or nude.

P.s – Don’t forget to wear a nice red lipstick if your dress is white: P

  • Sundowner with bae.

This is one of our favourite set up for a date. Everyone goes for a candle light dinner date with your loved one. But some people are different and would love to go to a rooftop place which over looks an ocean or some mountains at the time of a sunset and just soak in some Vitamin Sea or Inhale some crisp and captivating mushy cool breeze in the arms of your bae. We know we would prefer this over a traditional candle light dinner!

Bracelet Online

You can wear a long flowy skirt with a strappy top tucked in or a crop top showing off your belly button. Team this look up with chunky jewellery around your neck and a beaded stack of bracelet around your hands.

This look is a perfect mix of chic and sexy, simplicity and Oomph!!! All the chunky necklace and bracelet will surely make this look more interesting, and if you are a dare devil like us you can go that extra mile and wear a nice floral head crown and have soft curls in your hair.

Finish this look with beaded or studded wedges and you are good to go for a lovely evening with your bae.


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  • Elegant Dinner Date.

Elegant candle light dinner combined with February breeze and chills, overflowing champagne and wine calls for an elegant look as well

Wear a sexy backless dress or a gown with a side slit or a plunging neckline. Pair this with elegant gold and diamond jewellery. You could wear a dainty gold chain with a fairly big diamond pendant with gold stud earrings and nice elegant bracelet.

You could also wear studded long drop earrings with a bare neck nude lips with just the right amount of grace… after all Coco Chanel once said “Simplicity is a key note to all True Elegance”

Tie your hair up in a sleek bun to make this look more royal and crisp.


  • Late night Drinks with other couples.

Well not all of us like to go out for an intimate evening with just our partner. Some of us also like to celebrate this day with our friends and family. Going to a night club is fun but getting ready for one is a process! Yes we know that…Hear is our tip to make that process simpler.

Wear a chic short body hugging dress and flaunt those curves.  You could also wear a shinny or bling dress because you after all need good pictures with your bae and girlfriends.

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Team this dress with big hoop earrings even double hoop earrings will look its statement best. Carry a bling clutch and wear nude pep toes stilettoes to finish this killer look. You could tie your hair or let them loose. You could also go little crazy and have smoky eye make up and crimpled hair. After all it’s a party and time to celebrate the friendship and love.

Hope this post help you in selecting that perfect Valentine day out fit.

Let us know if you want us to do a post on selecting a perfect gift for your Bae.

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Hey, Thank you karma place for this information. Actually, I was just curious about this valentine’s day because this is our first valentine’s day. So just wanted to make it memorable in every aspect and you made it easy. Now I have a clear idea of what I have to do, to make him happy.


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