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Just imagine a soft weaved fabric that is lightweight and classically beautiful that is what defines an organza saree. It is quite a unique fabric that is called organza made out of pure silk.

It offers a traditional appeal for numerous occasions ranging from parties to wedding events and you can even style yourself as a Bollywood queen as this organza saree styling was made popular in the Bollywood film industry throughout the 2000s. 

An organza saree is quite a tediously crafted fabric as its fibers of silk strands are continuously twisted altogether to create a yarn. Lastly, all the yarns are woven together into a fabric that is then treated with acid.

Overall, an organza saree is a must-have for all the ladies out there in their wardrobe. As when you shop an organza saree online it becomes wondrously useful for numerous occasions as it's the perfect wear from parties to your best friend’s Shaadi. 


This is a kind of saree that everyone wants to own due to its affordability and lightweight nature. It is the latest in fashion and all-time trending fashion garment for women. It has taken the world of sarees by storm, an organza saree is one such saree that is never meant to go out of style. 

Organza saree is as gorgeous as it can get through its various types from floral design patterns to printed organza sarees. It has even evolved into a traditional banarasi style saree as well as zari embroidered sarees.

At Karmaplace, you will find a larger-than-life range of organza fabric-based sarees and it is an immense pleasure to notify you that it is the best-selling category in our whole saree collection.

Organza sarees are gorgeously styled with modern jewelry designs from dangling earrings to pendant-like long necklaces. It is a delicate fabric that will look so good with heavily studded jewelry to give out a classic look for overall personality.

Before getting into all types of organza sarees in-depth, let’s dive into a historical affirmation about the feminine staple from India - a saree. 


A saree is a garment that has been worn by women in the Indian subcontinent for so many centuries. It is a long unstitched fabric that varies from 4.5 to 9 meters in length and it can be draped into several yard styles out of which 7-yard and 9-yard sarees are quite popular.

Sarees have been popular for women in the countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka and now in the 21st Century, you can find a saree across the globe due to the South Asian Diaspora that has spread across the globe we know. 

A Saree is generally paired with a petticoat that is worn underneath a saree and then the saree is wrapped and pinned at the waistline and then lastly, draped over the shoulder and that part of the saree is known as ‘pallu’.

Another trivia about saree is that it can be spelled in English as Sari or Saree as it has its etymological basis on the Indian words or Hindustani pronunciations as śāḍī or sāṛī.

To drape a saree, there have been numerous ways to drape a saree and there is no single style of draping that exists. As per the book of Saris: Tradition and Beyond by Rta Kapur Chishti, there is 108 documented style of wearing a saree. It seriously astonishes me to notice so many varieties of draping a saree from state to state across India. 


Even though organza sarees are lightweight, they could be quite difficult to carry around but these sarees after pinning go in style so much in sync.

However, nowadays, the trend of stitched sarees is where you can simply get your saree pre-pleated and all you have to do is wear it, clip-on, and then just float the drape over the shoulder. One can call it an easy-to-wear saree and an organza saree can look good either way whether stitched or unstitched. 

  • Organza Floral Saree

Organza Floral Saree

Elegant floral prints are most beloved by all and organza floral saree are the one to always fall in love at first sight, these sarees look stunningly beautiful that you won’t mind if the saree is tricky to carry but you would rather pin it properly to highlight its floral prints and designs.

An organza floral saree is always to die for and you can never get enough of it even by shopping organza floral saree online on as it has the best of floral designs like nowhere else. 

  • Organza Zari Saree

Organza Zari Saree

Zari embroidery is a classic work of art on a saree and organza zari sarees are the most gorgeous of all organza sarees in terms of beauty and elegance combined.

Organza zari sarees are so beautiful to grab attention amongst the crowd as if it has a zari border then it shines enormously beautifully. Zari woven work or zari embroidery work is such a delicate task on an already elegant organza saree. 

  • Organza Banarasi Saree

Organza Banarasi Saree

Shop organza banarasi saree online on to get the best of Banarasi style, its comfort and lighter weight can attract so much of sheer beauty vibes towards your aura.

The process of fabrication involves so many difficult steps but the result is all you get of an organza banarasi saree. Sometimes this organza banarasi saree is also fused with kora silk and thus, it is made into a banarasi blended style. 

  • Organza Printed Saree

Organza Printed Saree

Printed sarees are always trending in the world of sarees and organza sarees are not left behind, from varieties of design patterns to artwork motifs can be seen in an organza printed saree.

Varieties of contrasting color palettes can be seen on stunning organza sarees that will leave you in awe. This type of organza saree, which is an organza printed saree can be called elegant and fancy sarees for most modern and urban women from the Indian subcontinent. 

  • Organza Woven Saree

Organza Woven Saree

Yes, the organza silk is already woven but in the case of an organza woven saree, it has more woven work over the fabric surface. In short, the design and patterns are not printed but rather woven together with soft embroidery all over the organza woven saree. 

  • Organza Tissue Woven Saree

Organza Tissue Woven Saree

To take to the next level, a tissue woven saree in the world of organza sarees is extremely delicate threads or rather strands or strings that are woven together to form the fabric of the saree, and even the work over the saree is done in the same way. Thus, this makes this organza tissue woven saree the most coveted sarees in the category. 

  • Organza Solid Saree

Organza Solid Saree

This is nothing but simply a solid-colored saree that has only one color all over and may be styled with a decorated border. This type of sarees can be fabricated from net-based organza fabric.

Such types of organza sarees are more sort of party wear sarees due to their simple yet shiny design style. You can shop organza solid sarees almost anywhere as they are largely made available due to major demands. 

  • FAQs


Organza silk is made out of tedious work by twisting fibers of silk strands together for creating yarn and then all these yarns are woven together to create an organza fabric, therefore, this fabric is quite lightweight due to its multi-layered structure that is quite thinner and then the fabric is finally treated with acid to get the clear finish for a soft touch. 

  • WHERE TO SHOP ORGANZA SAREE ONLINE IN THE USA? delivers across the United States and you get any types of organza sarees online only here. It directly delivers to your doorstep from local vendors. 


As many types of usual sarees are there, an organza saree is also fabricated in several types from organza floral saree, organza zari saree, organza printed saree, organza tissue is woven saree to organza solid saree and organza banarasi saree. 


Shop organza saree online with beautiful designs and patterns, get your sarees delivered before the festive occasions from KarmaPlace with free delivery over $99 across the United States of America.

There are so many festivals or weddings events where an organza saree can be dazzled and you can style it graciously well. Therefore, don’t wait and grab your hands now on an organza saree with limited discounted deals only on - your one-stop shopping destination for things Indian. 

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