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We all know the festival of colors is Holi that is celebrated across India and abroad but there is another Hindu festival that is Navratri where nine colors have more significance and radiate their energy along with the Goddess who is revered on every specific night of Navratri.

Navratri colors are heavily followed by most of the Indians for all the nine days and nights of the festival.

In this blog, you would learn about the nine colors of Navratri for the year 2021 and what is their significance along with the nine goddesses. So, let’s have a look at these interesting facts -

The Nine colors of Navratri vary and change every year according to the Hindu calendar and panchang. Navratri or Navaratri is a festival of nine nights where Goddess Parvati or simply Devi is worshipped in all her forms by followers at their homes and/or at community spaces. 

  • There are four Navratri festivals in one year :

 Chaitra Navratri, Ashada Navratri, Sharada Navratri and Magha Navratri. It means the goddess is awakened four times a year for maintaining a balance in the cosmic energy of nature. 

Goddess Durga, a form of Devi, won the gruesome battle over the evil demon Mahishasura. Thus, Navratri is celebrated to commemorate her victorious win over evil. In short, this festival is about the victory of good over evil.

Even if you are not a true follower of the Hindu tradition of worshipping gods, you can find spiritual truth in this festival. 

Navratri is more of a positive vibing celebration where people worship, dance, and sing together while chanting the name of the Goddess. The Navratri colors or the nine colors of Navratri are dedicated to all the nine goddesses who are revered each day for their special presence.

These nine goddesses are also collectively known as Navadurga. They have their mythological story and their worship is sworn seriously by every Hindu who celebrates Navratri. 

In India and abroad where Indian migrants have reallocated and settled there with future generations hold on to their heritage by celebrating such enlightening festivals.

Navratri surely plays a very important role in preserving Indian ethnic heritage as these nine colors are something very unique to our Indian culture. 

  • Night 1 - Color Yellow 

Goddess Shailapurti, daughter of the Mountain and the wife of Lord Shiva is worshipped on this day. Her joy and enthusiastic nature for everything are expressed and remembered through a mellowed shade of color yellow.

Color yellow showcases the radiant touch of optimism and contentment to your personality.

Navratri 2021 dress

 Style Tip : You always pair yellow with other muted or off-white colors for a calm and simple look.
  • Night 2 - Color Green 

Goddess Brahmacharini, also known as Yogini, Goddess Parvati’s unmarried self is praised and revered on the second day and night of Navratri.

The green color signifies the purity and the element of nature that is proudly expressed by her. It also represents fertility, peace, and growth as Mother Earth goes through the ages.  

Navratri colors 2021

 Style Tip :  Yellow, red and blue always and completely look beautiful with any shade of green.

  • Night 3 - Color Grey  

Goddess Parvati adorned a half-moon on her forehead after getting married to Lord Shiva. She came to be known as Chandraghanta.

The half-moon shows how she balances it on her forehead without worrying about anything. Color grey represents this balance in both emotional and spiritual ways that must be learned by all of us at the basics.

It is the most neutral color that remains as subtle and balanced as any other color ever could be.

Navratri colors meaning

 Style Tip : Greyish tones of any other colors would be suitable for pairing with a grey outfit. Otherwise, simple and pure white is perfect with grey color.
  • Night 4 - Color Orange  

Goddess Kushmanda, having eight arms, is also known as Ashtabhuja Devi. She remains more vibrant and full of energy than any other goddess on this list.

Orange beams warmth and extreme level of vibrance that you can express by wearing orange-colored attires on this day.

Navratri Devi Saree colour

 Style Tip: Blue is forever and a perfect complementary color for orange in every single attire.
  • Night 5 - Color White 

As the name goes by, Goddess Skandamata refers to the mother of Skanda i.e. God Kartikeya. White shows her pure motherhood spirit and also her innocent beauty.

White represents the wholeness of everything that can comprise entirety. Skandmata is the all-powerful Goddess who gives brilliance and inner peace.

Types of Navratri 2021

 Style Tip : White goes well with any color and there is no doubt about it.
  • Night 6 - Color Red 

The most violent form of Devi or Goddess is known as Goddess Katyayani. Also known as a warrior goddess. Color Red is about her passion for fighting to victory and infinite courage.

Red is also the color of love and worshippers always dress in several shades of red showing their inner strength and confidence.

Navratri colour of the day

 Style Tip : Red as always fits perfectly with blue or yellow.
  • Night 7 - Color Royal Blue  

Goddess Parvati went on to fight demons Sumbha and Nisumbha. She tore her fair skin away and her skin turned black and became Goddess Kaalaratri.

Her dark skin is showcased with this royal blue and it represents royalty and richness within one’s personality in a certain way.

dresses for navratri

 Style Tip : Royal blue and green seems like a heavenly combination that will outshine others.
  •  Night 8 - Color Pink 

It is said that after the battle with demons, Goddess Kaalaratri went to take a bath in the river Ganga. She became very fair as she bathed in the river and lost her darker complexion.

When she got back her skin that is shown with the color pink and she came to be known as Goddess Mahagauri. Pinks show the blossoming of personality.

light pink dress

 Style Tip : Color pink goes well with other hues of pink mostly but white and grey also look good with pink.
  • Night 9 - Color Purple 

Goddess Siddhidatri is the one who possesses and bestows all types of siddhis. Purple color presents her grandeur and nobility. Her spiritual presence is shown with utmost luxury and opulence with the color purple.

It is a combination of the energies from red and blue colors that we have discussed for the sixth and the seventh night.

purple dress

 Style Tip : Color purple can be styled with lavender and other hues of blue as well as with golden or beige colors.

So many colors we can see and feel but these nine colors of Navratri always stand out as everyone showcases them through their attires during Navratri.

Therefore, Navratri holds a special place in one’s heart for this strong representation of emotions and energy through colors.

Goddess and her worshipping are always kept on priority on the nine days and nights of Navratri but these nine colors forever remain unique to make our shop for beautiful dresses matching the colors of the nine days and night of Navratri festival.

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Hope you have enjoyed reading the Ultimate Guide To Nine Colors Of Navratri 2021

Let us know your comments below and also tell us what we write about in our next blog.


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