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8 Different Types Of Nehru Jacket Pattern That Every Man Should Have

best nehru jacket pattern

There is very little attention given to Men’s Fashion and style statements. The main reason behind this is most men do not care about what is trending and how they should style themselves.   

However, this was very true for the last decade. Today the scenario has completely changed after all fashion and style are no more about only showing off and being stylish, it is also a way of expressing your personality in your unique way. 

After all, why should Girls have all the fun???

Nehru Jacket is one such trend that has become a completely versatile trend across the globe. It is one of the most versatile essentials every man should have in their wardrobe. 

It is a jacket or a coat which comes up till your hip. This coat typically resembles a Sherwani, Achkan, or a bandhgala design. It has a button placket and a mandarin collar.

This jacket is named after the first Prime Minister of India – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who used to regularly wear these kinds of coats.   

  • Well, let's check out different styles of Nehru Jacket Pattern below:

These Jackets can be worn on occasions that are formal as well as casual, wear them for casual brunches or wedding functions, Poojas, or cocktail nights, we guarantee you, it will transform your whole look.

But we know a lot of you think Nehru Jacket pattern is an attire that is best suited for old people.

But my friend you could not be more wrong, Nehru Jacket makes a unique and bold fashion style statement and can also give you a contemporary & classic look at the same time.

These jackets are available in various fabrics, styles and colours and they hide your belly fats & flabs!!

Wear these jackets with trousers & a shirt, jodhpurs pants, Kurta Pajama, jeans or chinos. 

  • Sleeveless Nehru Jacket Pattern

This particular style of jacket along with a kurta is mostly seen on our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Every man should at least have one such kind of coat in their wardrobe, and Karma Place is just the right place for that. 

Nehru Jacket Wedding

Style Tip: Wear this mint green jacket with a white kurta if you are opting for a day look. You can also wear a deeper kurta underneath this coat like a navy blue or a maroon color and make the outfit into an evening look.

 Jacket paired with: Jeans, Chinos, Kurta Payjama, and Trousers.

 Occasion: Formal, informal event, wedding function, parties 

  •  Double Breasted Nehru Jacket

    A double-breasted Nehru jacket is more formal than a normal single-breasted Nehru jacket

    This coat is a must-have for everyone on the heavier side as it flawlessly camouflages the bulging paunch and makes one appear thin.

    Nehru Jacket Wedding

    Style Tip: Wear this sexy viscose navy blue Nehru jacket with linen white or a cream color shirt and you will look dapper at your next festive event.

    Jacket paired with Jodhpuri Pants, Trousers, Chinos, and tweed pants

    Occasion: Festive, wedding functions, formal events, and parties. 

    •  Velvet Nehru Jacket

    This Nehru jacket is made of velvet fabric. It adds to your style quotient and will make heads turn at any event. This jacket is mostly used for evening wear.

    This jacket is soft and comfortable, looks royal and luxurious, and works great in winter. 

    Nehru Jacket Wedding style

    Style Tip: Style this Navy Blue Nehru Jacket with a shirt or a cream color simple kurta, as you already have a heavy-looking jacket to enhance your overall outfit.

    Jacket paired with Jodhpuri Pants, Trousers, and tweed pants

    Occasion: Festive & wedding party.

    • Poly-Viscose Nehru Jacket

    This one is a brilliant choice for your summer wardrobe-essentials. It is lightweight and one of the most comfortable overcoats to wear.

    It is wrinkle-free and absorbs perspiration quickly and is made with breathable fabric making it ideal for summer.

    Nehru Jacket Wedding

    Style Tip: This beautiful mint green coat with a floral motif is a perfect fit for your day and sundown functions. Team this jacket with pastel kurta and pajama. If you want to wear something indo-western, then wear a pastel-colored shirt along with denim and this jacket.

     Jacket paired with Jodhpuri Pants, kurta pajama, jeans, or chinos. 

    Occasion: Brunch, sundown events, semi-formal functions

    •  Linen Nehru Jacket 

    A linen jacket gives an edgy and modern look. This Nehru jacket pattern can be worn over a shirt as well as a kurta to achieve the contemporary style statement you are aiming for this summer.

    Linen is a breathable fabric and is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear in summers. 

     But be careful as linen usually wrinkles easily and shrinks after a wash. 

    Nehru Jacket Wedding

    Style Tip: This beautiful pastel yellow coat which looks like sunshine is a perfect fit for your day and sundown functions.Team this jacket with pastel kurta and pajama. But our advice wears this jacket with a crisp white shirt and some ripped denim and go for the dapper indo-western look.  

    Jacket paired with Jeans or chinos. 

    Occasion: Brunch, sundown events, semi-formal functions

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    • Jute Jacket 

    One of the most popular trends amongst youngsters as they love to flaunt their Jute Nehru jackets no matter what the occasion is.

    Jute fabric is not very expensive and is a perfect fit for all seasons. It is one of the most comfortable outfits to wear due to the fabric's breathable nature.

    Nehru Jacket for Men

    Style Tip: This dapper navy blue coat looks perfect for your evening functions. Team this jacket with a darker shirt and wear some nice chinos and you will be all set for your evening party.

    Jacket paired with Chinos. 

    Occasion: Formal occasion and evening party.

    •  Cotton Nehru Jacket

    Aching for a trendy yet simple look?

    Well, the cotton Nehru jacket is going to give a classic yet trendy look without you having to put in a lot of effort. 

    Be it 100% cotton or cotton blends you will achieve the simple look you are aiming for.

    This is a perfect jacket for summer as it is made of comfortable and breathable fabric which is lightweight. 

    Modi Jacket Price

    Style Tip: Style this simple beige cotton jacket with a maroon or navy blue kurta pajama set. You could also go all pastel for a day event and team the same jacket with a powder blue or lilac kurta pajama set.

    Jacket paired with: Kurta pyjama, chinos & denims

    Occasion: Formal and semi-formal occasion and evening party.

    • Silk Nehru Jacket

    Let's add a luxe touch to your wardrobe with this ultra-chic and modern self Nehru jacket.

    This jacket generally looks amazing when worn for evening functions.

     Since silk is a natural lustrous fabric, this jacket looks dapper and is a wardrobe essential for all seasons.

    Modi jacket vs Nehru jacket

    Style Tip: Style this beautiful floral printed silk jacket with a linen shirt and some dark-colored chino for an indo-western look.In case you want to go completely traditional, wear a pastel pink color kurta and the same color pajama to have a monochrome look.

    Jacket paired with: Kurta pyjama, chinos & pants.

    Occasion: Formal and semi-formal occasion, wedding, and evening party.

    We are sure this blog must have inspired you to shop for these wardrobe-essentials. 

    So what are you waiting for? 

    It is your time to shine and be the handsome hunk by adding these Versatile Nehru Jacket Patterns from Karma Place in your wardrobe, especially when you know they are not going out of style any time soon. 


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