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Must Have Sarees In a Wardrobe for Saree Lovers

Best Designer Saree Shopping Online at KarmaPlace

Nisha Singh |

Seeking sarees is not less than a traditional journey. The rise in options and choices has gained a major attraction when it comes to this amazing piece of traditional wear. 

Well! How can you choose between a pure handloom saree and a Premium fabric?

It’s simply confusing to choose the best among the best. Only Indian traditional wear can ooze the rich combination of elegance and cultural beauty. Saree tops the list of such traditional wears. The options of zari silk, net sarees, chiffon, and cotton materials have impeccable quality if purchased from the right place. Where and how to buy is a completely different situation. The matter lies in selecting the saree that allures you and matches you in the best possible form. Specifically, Sarees aren’t worn as casual wear. They have a high priority for grand occasions. In fact, that’s what they are made for!

Imagining yourself in a glowing printed satin saree is not anymore a dream. You have all kinds, and types of designs available everywhere. But how accessible they are and easy to reach you matter. You may not find all types of saree collection at a store. There are a lot of online sites that offer you quality cotton silk fabrics. Perhaps, the range and the variety differ. So before purchasing some must have sarees for your wardrobe, make sure where you can buy those premium fabrics and get them delivered at your doorstep. 

It’s better not to waste time spending hours to find that one online store that has every kind of saree you can imagine. Just visit It’s easy and convenient. Visit our ‘saree’ page, and all you need to do is just choose the type of material and type you looking for. We are quick and will be more than happy to pack and send your product to your doorstep with zero inconvenience. So hurry up and visit karmaplace now!

Getting into buying the traditional or the latest sarees in the market, you must be aware of the foremost types available. Some sarees are of types that you cannot afford to miss from your wardrobe. They are ought to be there if you are madly in love with traditional Indian clothing. Sarees must be your choice without any doubt for your next important occasion. No matter if it’s a wedding, a function or a party, Sarees are the best to spark your impression in a crowd. 

So without any more rambling, let’s get you acquainted with some must have sarees for your wardrobe.

8 must-have sarees for saree lovers:


  1. Bandhani:

The reason Bandhani is kept as the foremost one is because of their ancient relevance. Well, traditional sarees are all about their past and rich history. Bandhani comes from the process of dyeing where beautiful patterns of dots are created using quality threads. They go back to 1800 B.C, originating from Gujarat and Rajasthan. They can be worn at any grand events like weddings, festivals, births, and other special occasions.

Bandhani is known for its circular patterns and designs which you can see also being used in turbans. If you want to impress with something that leaves out precision in terms of colors and design patterns, Bandhani styles are a great choice.

Chanderi Silk

  1. Chanderi Silk:

The material of chanderi silk goes back to 11th century India. Talking about pure quality handloom saree, buying chanderi saree is a must-have option and an important fabric for your wardrobe.The fabric was woven in a small town named chandheri in Madhya Pradesh.

These sarees will offer great texture and shiny hand woven qualities. You can choose them to flaunt at any major event whether it’s a marriage function or a gala. Exhibiting traditional authenticity will never let you down. Chanderi silks are a reflection of real and quality fabric designs.

Thinking about sarees with gold-coated threading?

Bandhani has a lot of such options. 

Banarasi Saree

  1. Banarasi Saree:

Well, no woman wants to miss out on such opulent and rich silk known for their exceptional weaving and zari and brocade work. Banaras in Uttar Pradesh is one of the prominent northern places in India. This type of silk goes back generations ago. It is now considered the most well known traditional silk saree in India. The best part of the attire is that it began its introduction in the handloom industry. That means it was specially hand woven and crafted meticulously with shining textures. You don’t even have to think once while choosing Banarasi silk or cotton saree for a grand wedding. They are made for such occasions. A good set of earrings and gold jewelry will add an extra glimmer to your beauty.   

Block Printed Sarees

  1. Block Printed Sarees:

Clothing comes alive only if it’s hand-woven or printed. As nowadays, the method of printing is gaining more and more demand in sarees, Block printed sarees are a category to explore. Block printing in sarees gives you a high range of designs and patterns. The detailing and perfection of printing figures and patterns are simply the recalling of traditional hand weaving.  

It’s rare to find hand-printed block sarees being used regularly. To add them as a traditional saree in your wardrobe will bring a unique touch to your selection. They can be preferred in all kinds of major functions. 

Kanjeevaram Saree

  1. Kanjeevaram Saree:

Kanjeevaram silks are simply the bridal sarees in South of Indian originating from Tamil Nadu. What they offer is an incredible collection of designs and colors with vibrant bordering and texture. You really don’t need an introduction to these sarees as when we think of sarees, probably it’s Kanjeevaram that comes to our minds. Their rich style and cultural relevance have gained acceptance across the country.

You ought to try Kanjeevaram for a wedding reception or as party wear. Also, this saree isn’t just an item of occasional clothing, you can prefer them even during small functions and rituals. If you are up to a marriage, preserve a slot in your wardrobe for some Kanjevaram wedding saree collection.

Kalamkari saree

  1. Kalamkari saree:

The term Kalamkari is named after the efforts taken to make such classy clothing. This type of sarees is known for its craftsmanship. The better the craft, the more ethnicity they offer. This saree type is a reminder of history as the designs showcase stories of our rich culture. Kalamkari sarees have a wide variety of embroidery and designs that it’s quite difficult to choose the best.

In fact, the making of a kalamkari involves intense hard work and effort. The same involvement is followed even today to not compromise on the quality and tradition. The intensity can be observed throughout the 23 steps that make Kalamkari top-notch traditional wear.

Kalamkari is well known in Andhra Pradesh and regions of Karnataka. 


  1. Paithani:

Paithani is another famous handwoven saree, claimed as the richest saree in Maharashtra. They also have a satin glow which represents richness and royalty. One of the remarkable qualities of paithani is the varied range of colors in the form of embroidered designs. The pallus are usually seen with patterns depicting peacocks. The edges of the saree are also included with pearls and stones symbolizing the Maharashtrian culture.

As a trivia, you must also know that in ancient times Paithani was purchased by western travelers by exchanging gems and gold. You cannot afford to skip a Paithani Saree if you have ample space in your wardrobe. 

Balucheri saree 

  1. Balucheri saree:

Balucheri could be the last traditional saree to opt for, but not the least elegant at all. If you are pleased by the Bengal premise and history, Balucheri sarees are an exhibition of rich traditional Bengal clothing. Not to forget their silk quality as they are woven using dyed silk with intricate motifs showcasing richness and class.

The craftsmanship involved in the making of balucheri is a reminder of silk developed in the purest form. The silks are generated from the mulberry worms by extracting from their cocoons.These sarees are an exceptional choice to display energy and confidence whether it’s a grand event or a small occasion. Don’t leave behind Balucheri silks if you love you are proud of Indian tradition and craftsmanship.

However, it’s not easy to find a high quality fabric saree.

Even buying a Knejeevaram silk can be more expensive than you think. Before talking about what’s the exact online place where you can find the best sarees, do let yourself know that sarees are all about authenticity. The richness and class they deliver cannot be compared with any other traditional wears.

So electing them must not involve any compromise in quality and fabric. Well, if you are a saree lover, you already know that, right?

No matter what kind of fabric you choose for an elegant looking saree, whether it’s a zari or a net, sarees offer you a wide range of designs. The material and the threading provide you a combination of elegance and natural beauty. Therefore, these types of saree fabrics and types may sound simple. To get the best quality sarees it’s actually a lot of shopping here and there.

It means you have to pull out some time especially to fill your wardrobe with some heart-throbbing traditional sarees. Let’s make it easier for you by choosing an online store that delivers you to your comfort level. Come to Karmaplace to experience the mind-blowing importance of Indian traditional sarees and other ethnic wears. is your one-stop solution to all Indian traditional wears.

So no longer waste your time lingering around stores. Visit karmaplace now!

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