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Must have online Bollywood dupattas for your closet.

Must have online Bollywood dupattas for your closet.

Nisha Singh |

If you are a women of style, you must have different kind of dupattas to match your outfits for various kinds of events like shadi, puja, Navaratri, etc. Having a nice dupatta makes you stand out from everyone else in the crowd and attracts a lot of good attention from other people. Now a days you can buy different kinds of dupattas online for a reasonable price. These online dupattas can vary from  silk dupattas online to online heavy embroidered net dupatta. You can also find online dupattas for lehenga at affordable price in various different styles and colors. All you need to do is look for a dupatta which matches your outfit and order it online. But why buy different dupattas for different outfits when you can get a couple of different dupattas to match all your outfits in the future? This is why we have bought you various Bollywood inspired dupattas to fulfil all your ethnic style calls without breaking a bank.

Whether you are wearing a lehenga or a kurta, a beautiful and attractive dupatta will consistently make you stick out from the crowd. Regardless of whether you are wearing a very simple and straightforward dupatta or a heavy embroidered net dupatta, it will always uplift your style and brighten your mood with your looks. We have carefully inspected Bollywood’s ethnic closet and picked out the dupattas which are the must haves for your own wardrobe. From Maduri Dixit’s pink Bandhari dupatta to the patola dupatta worn by Tamannaah and not to forget, Kareena Kapoor Khan and her chikankari design dupatta which caught everyone’s eye. Here are a few must have online dupatta which have been worn by various Bollywood stars for you to choose from and others.

Madhuri Inspired dupattas-

Madhuri Inspired dupattas

Let’s start from Maduri Dixit’s dupattas. She wears very colorful dupattas which are great for various events and occasions like holi and Diwali. These dupattas often tend to be light and very easy to manage. You can buy a pink shade dupatta with bandhani work which would go with various colors kurta like white and red. Madhuri Dixit has often been seen styling her red or white kurta with a pink dupatta with light embroidered work or print. These kind of dupattas would make you look bubbly and beautiful. It’s such a head turner.  You can find these dupattas online very easily and in a very reasonable price. These online dupattas come in various works and styles. Maduri Dixit can be often spotted wearing banarasi and bandhani designs which are made out of silk and we can tell it’s her go to. She likes to wear a dupatta which has heavy work with her lehengas and you can find many dupatta for lehenga online with such works. Her go to color is red or pink.

Tammannaah inspired dupattas-

 Tammannaah inspired dupattas

Moving on to heavy dupattas, Tammannaah has been often spotted acing her signature look which has to include patola dupatta with heavy work. This is a truly investment piece and you should pick one which goes with a lot of color. You can search online heavy embroidered net dupatta if you are looking for such a piece and pick one which suits your taste. These heavy embroidered dupattas can often be spotted on Bollywood celebrities who are wearing it with lehengas. You can most definitely find dupatta for lehenga online with heavy designs and embroidery.

Sara Ali Khan dupattas-

Tammannaah inspired dupattas

Sara Ali Khan can be often spotted wearing light color dupattas and vibrant dupatta. As she has often said in her interviews, she loves to wear salwar kameez with dupattas. Her go to dupattas are often light in color, i.e. sky blue, baby pink and orange. These dupattas are mostly made of silk and you can find silk dupattas online in various beautiful color. She can also be spotted wearing heavy embroidered dupatta with her lehenga in various shades of color. We recommend you to take a pick out of various online heavy embroidered net dupatta to go with your style. You will be able to find many dupatta for lehenga online.

Raveena Tandon inspired dupattas-

We all love to wear suits, salwar kameez and lehenga with heavy designs and embroidery on them and our next B town star is no less! Raveena Tandon can be often spotted wearing heavy suits in the color of red and if you want to ace that look you need a dupatta which goes with your heavy salwar suit. You can pick out a dupatta which has polka dot like work which has been embroidered on your dupatta which goes perfectly with every kind of suit you wish to wear. You can find online dupatta for lehenga at affordable price which also goes with heavy suits and salwar.

Karishma & Kareena Kapoor and her dupatta ideas-

Karishma & Kareena Kapoor and her dupatta ideas

There has been so many songs related to a red dupatta in Bollywood that you just cannot go wrong with this red dupatta, be it a simple silk dupatta or heavy embroidered banarasi dupatta. It’s a must have! Do search for silk dupatta online!

Karishma Kapoor and her Benarasi dupattas are always the talk of the town and they never, NEVER go out of style. She had been recently spotted in a white Anarkali with a bold and exquisite benarasi dupatta in the color of purple. The dupatta had golden highlights which really makes it classy and tasteful. She also loves wearing lehenga in light colors with heavy embroidery works which she accompanies with a heavy embroidered net dupatta. Online heavy embroidered net dupatta can be found very easily and if you want to look classy and beautiful like her you should immediately get one!

Like her elder sister Karishma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan loves to wear lehenga and she has been often seen pairing them with a Net dupatta. She has been mostly spotted in Silver, golden or pink lehenga and all of them have been paired with a heavy embroidered net dupatta. You can find dupatta for lehenga online. It serves as a great purpose to search online dupatta for lehenga at affordable price since these dupatta comes at a much reasonable price than from a physical store.

Jhanvi Kapoor dupattas styles-

Jhanvi Kapoor dupattas styles

Jhanvi Kapoor can be often seen sporting a shimmery silver lehenga and she pairs it up with a silver net frill dupatta. She also loves her yellow dupattas as she has been seen on many occasions wearing yellow. She pairs her yellow dupatta with yellow or a white kurta. You can find these silk dupattas online for sure and if you want a dupatta for lehenga online is the best place to look. From our research we can tell that the color of a Bollywood dupatta is Pink and we are not complaining! Pink color dupatta is a must have for your closet, it can be worn with different types of outfits as well as in every occasion be it holi or a shadi! So you have to get a pink silk dupatta online! If you are looking for dupattas for your lehenga, we would suggest go for a golden or a silver color since it goes with every other color and you will look fabulous wearing it with your lehenga! You will find various different dupatta for lehenga online. Online dupatta come at a reasonable price and you can often find sets of them making it much easier to build a collection without breaking your bank!

Not to forget along with your simple colorful dupattas you need to have heavy dupatta when you are not going for a casual event, i.e. shadi. This is when you need to have at least one heavy embroidered net dupatta which would bring a flair to your style and uplift your outfit. You can find such online dupatta for lehenga at affordable price.  You will be able to find many different types of online dupattas including online heavy embroidered net dupattas and silk dupattas online.

Online dupattas are easily available, cheap and serves its purpose very well. So, we recommend you buy your dupatta online. You can buy a set of dupattas which you can use in different occasions and the more you buy in a set the lesser the price will be. Buying silk dupattas online can be very cost effective and save you a lot of money compared to the shops as the shops charge differently with different colors of dupatta. You will be able to find many metallic coloron line dupatta for lehenga at affordable price and they are a must have if you want to pull of the Bollywood style.

Dupattas for lehenga online can be found in different styles and embroidery works so don’t forget to look carefully before you pick one for your lehenga and do make sure it goes with the lehenga/ lehengas which you want to wear it with.

We also want to add few of the famous dupatta styles you should have if you want to look apart from all the others. We have listed a few bellow:

Banarasi Silk Dupatta.

Banarasi Silk Dupatta

Banarasi Silk dupatta was first worn by the Mughal royalties and it’s one of India’s treasured and traditional craft. This craft has been inspired by Mughal and Persian architecture and hence you will have a touch of our history and tradition in your dupatta. Silk dupatta online would often come in banarasi designs. 

Bandhani Dupattas.

Bandhani Dupattas.

Worn by most of the B town celebrity, this dupatta comes from an art form which dates back to the time of Alexander. This pattern of art has been carved in Ajanta walls. This form of art is very close to the Rajasthani brides and often come in a tie dye print. Worn by every actress in Bollywood it’s one of the most picked dupatta by the celebs. You can find Gajji silk dupatta online in bandhani design.

Phulkari Dupattas.

Phulkari Dupattas.

This dupatta comes from Punjab and can be often seen in elaborate embroidery with different patterns and flowers. Dupattas for lehenga online can be found in this phulkari design and goes very well with every kind of lehenga. These are best worn in Sangeet, mehndi or festive occasions.

Online Heavy Embroidered Net Dupattas.

Online Heavy Embroidered Net Dupattas.

Online heavy Embroidered Net Dupattas come for a reasonable price compared to the ones in the store. These online dupatta for lehenga come at affordable prices hence you should always pick one for style.

Kalamkari Hand Painted Dupattas.

Kalamkari Hand Painted Dupattas.

These dupattas are painted with stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana. These are so intricate they are often hand printed. This craft of making dupatta is as old as 3000 BC. You can style this dupatta with your lehenga or your kurta if you really want to stand out. This has been worn by many Bollywood stars and some even wore it with a lehenga. These has been picked for online dupatta for lehenga at affordable prices because you can mostly find them at a very reasonable price. Each dupatta takes almost 15 days to finish just by the way!

Ajrak Modal Satin Dupattas.

 Ajrak Modal Satin Dupattas.

This form of art has its roots in the Indus Valley Civilization. These Dupattas are pressed on soft silk or satin to create boho-chic look. These dupattas go really well with simple lehenga or kurtas and really make you stand out from the crowd. These can be found for online dupattas for lehenga at affordable price and can be paired with lehenga if you really want to stand out from everyone in the crowd.

Embroidered Net Dupattas. 

Embroidered Net Dupattas.             

These type of dupattas are celebrated all around the world. These form of dupattas have a long history to royalties and worn by both men and woman in the world. This is one of a kind dupatta. These goes superbly with lehengas. You can find heavy embroidered net dupatta online. These dupattas are a must have for your lehenga wardrobe and has been worn by many famous Bollywood celebrities and it never fails to uplift your look!

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