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Making your wife feel special this women's day

International women’s day is just around the corner. On this day people across the globe celebrate the achievements of women who have overcome barriers like gender inequality, discrimination against color, age and pregnancy discrimination. Be it a daughter, friend, mother or a wife, a women plays a very important role in a person’s life and in shaping their value system.

Being a combination of a good wife and a good mother is said to be one of the toughest role a girl has to play in her life.

Why not appreciate your wife this women’s day and let her know how important she is to you and what an outstanding job she has done in being a beautiful wife and a caring mother.

Here are a few things a husband can do for her wife on this women’s day.

Hand written Note

Write a heart felt hand written note to your wife saying how important she is to you and even though you might forget appreciating her at times or might over look her contribution toward the house, you still have immense respect for her and could not have asked for any thing more than her in life.

You can write things like – You are the answer to all my what? When? Why? Who? Which? How? With you by my side I can climb the highest peak and swim the deepest ocean. You are strong compassionate and beautiful even more than words can describe and with you by my side I become a better person.

Today is your day as any other day would be… Happy Women’s day my all!!!

Flowers can say a lot

Gifting Special for Women's Day

Beautiful bouquets with exotic flowers are always a good idea. I know you might be thinking how cliché but no matter how cliché this idea is, believe me flowers always stand out and make a great women’s day gift.

Mesmerize your wife with a beautiful International women’s day flowers or surprise her by getting them delivered at her work place or at home.

Make sure you do not be stingy on the flowers and spend an adequate amount so that the flowers are fresh and arranged beautifully. Do not forget to add a personal note thanking her and wishing her Happy Women’s Day.

A nice locket / pendant for her

Online Pendant Shopping

A simple yet elegant pendant necklace is a nice option for gifting your wife on Women’s Day.

This pendant might not cost much and you can even customize it by getting it engraved with her name or initials. You could also get yours and her initials together on it.

Ensure the necklace is not made up of any cheap metal or else it will cause skin irritation. To be on the safer side please go for a metal like gold or silver.

Homemade delicacies

Women's day Special

If you are a good chef and manage to cook a decent meal there can be a no better gift than this. You can gift your wife a homemade gift. There are endless options to pick from and in today’s digital world you can get the recipes online and all you have to do measure the ingredients and put exactly the amount mentioned in the recipe and you will definitely get a good result. 

Here are a few options for you to pick from

1] Choco chip Cookies

2] Brownie (you also get a brownie mix readily available)

3] Garlic bread and Pasta (you get the sauce for the pasta readily available)

4] Peanut Butter cookie

5] Sandwiches with a side of salad.

6] Sautéed baked veggies with mashed potatoes

7] Cake (again the cake mix is easily available just choose your flavor)

8] Pizza ( the pasta and pizza sauce Is the same just get the base chop some veggies pour some sauce and lots of cheese and then bake )

The efforts you put in cooking a meal will show your wife how much you care and will also give her an off day to rewind and relax

Spa day

Special Treat for Women's

Well if you have decided to wear the chefs hat for the day then might as well get her spa vouchers and send her out of the house for 2-3 hours. I mean which women does not love to be pampered and pamper herself to a spa.

And spending her for the spa will give you enough time to prepare something at home and then lay it on a nicely decorated candle lit table. Let your wife come back home thinking she still has to prepare the meal and let her walk in to this set up.

She would definitely be over joyed and your efforts shall be appreciated in multiple ways.

A beautiful dress

Online Dresses for Women's
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A nice elegant dress is perfect gift for your wife. She generally is so busy in managing her personal and professional life that she forgets to take care of her herself or even forgets to buy new clothes or go shopping with her girlfriends.

Let her know she is being thought about and everything she does around is highly appreciated. Buy a nice dress for her, you can also try and remember the dress she has always wanted but had to let go because of its price. Believe me there will one such outfit for sure.

Select her favorite color and brand while choosing the dress and it will sure be appreciated at home.

Take her on a date and make her feel special

I know once you get married and start a family, things are not the same. Date nights become lesser and time you spend with your wife goes in discussing about house hold necessities or about your kids.

Plan a romantic date night like you use to when you were newly married. You can plan something at a fancy restaurant which has a sentimental value for you two. It could be the place where you proposed, or first met her, or had your first date.

Make sure this night brings back special memories for the two of you and do order her favorite thing at the restaurant to make the meal even more special.

Buy her something traditional.

Well has it been too long since she has worn a traditional outfit?

Buy her a nice traditional outfit with some Indian jewellery.

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Below is the list of things you can gift her


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Online Cotton Saree
Online Banarasi Saree

Kurta and a palazzo set

A nice trendy Kurti

Kurti and Plazzo Set

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Crop top with Palazzo

Chand Bali’s

Chandelier earrings

Gold Multi-layered necklace


Salwar Kameez with gota work

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Buy her something nice and tell her you would like to see her in it when you take her out on a date or plan the candle light dinner at home

Smart kitchen appliances to save her time

There are new inventions happening everyday. You need to keep upgrading your kitchen and bring in new technology to make our life simple.

Example: To make a bread we had to mix all the ingredients and manually make a dough and keep kneading it and then put the dough in a baking dish and bake it for 20 – 30 minutes.

But now you get a bread maker where you have to put all the ingredients in and shut the lid. The bread maker with mix all the ingredients then keep kneading it and then bake it as well. The result is you get a freshly baked bread with minimum human effort.

Walk around the kitchen and see what kind of kitchen appliances are being used. Does the appliances need an upgrade? Well if you spot anything needing an upgrade, or you now of something that she wants in appliance, do not think twice and gift her that.

This will show her how much you appreciate all the meals she prepares for you and your children.

Get her that bread maker or a microwave that she always wanted. If she is trying to watch her calories you could also gift her an Air fryer

Make sure the appliance that you purchase is of a nice well reputed brand and is of good quality, otherwise it becomes very embarrassing to gift a particular appliance only to break after a few days or week.

This gesture will definitely earn brownie points for you and you might even get the same in dessert as well. 

Pledging in doing daily home chores on time.

Decide on a simple task that you can perform daily and tell your wife this is my job and I will do it with perfection.

It could be as simple as getting groceries from the store on time. Or getting vegetables or mowing the lawn or doing the dishes after dinner.

The list is endless because there are a lot of house hold chores.

Decorate a part of your home and involve everyone in the house to celebrate womanhood 

Make her feel that this day is meant for her. Decorate a part for of your home with some balloons and flowers. Involve other family members in doing so and make her walk into this decorated space while all of you are wishing her a very happy women’s day. Tell her how important she is for this family and her efforts keep this family together and bonded, even though she knows it is good to hear your praise once in a while.

Wash her car for her

No one likes to wash the car especially from inside. Why not wash your wife’s car from inside out or if you cannot do it why not take the car out for a swanky car spa?

After all your wife does a brilliant job of keeping the house clean and running errands everyday throughout the year.

You wife is going to be by your side in your happiness and in sorrow, then make her do the cleaning and dusting and running errands all on her own.

Pick up a take and do it religiously every time to show your appreciation.

A Promise

This is the last point but trust me it’s the most important one. I think even if you gift her something you should definitely combine it with a promise of cherishing all the memories made, and celebrating her success.

A promise to cheer her up every time she feels low, a promise to never betray her or cheat on her.

Promise her that even though you have fights and disagreements you will never fall out of love.

Promise her you will respect other women at work and respect the space and boundary that should be between you and them.

Promise her to love her when she become old or has white hair.

After all being married is all about supporting each other and being there for each other during thick and thins right?

Women are great people who bonds are society and they definitely deserve our Gratitude. So 8th March is the day we can show or appreciation towards them.

But my question to you is why just show it on one day?

This year let’s take a pledge of respecting and appreciating women all year round.

And let’s show this appreciation in abundance and make them feel special!!!

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Rahul - March 9, 2021

Hey guys, very informative post. You have a great Idea than me. So, I can use these ideas for my wife on this women’s day. Thank you and keep sharing ideas like this and make a good life for a husband like me.

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