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The Ultimate Guide To Indian Wedding Outfits For Groom

Indian Wedding Outfits For Groom

This year due to covid a lot of wedding have restricted guests. But when it is your close friend or relatives wedding, you cannot possibly skip it.

So once you receive the wedding car the first question that pops in your head is :

What will I wear or Wedding Guest Outfit?

Yes, even guys think about their wedding outfit’s days prior…

We all know how many options females have when it comes to wedding outfits.

But Karma Place is here to tell you even though men think they do not have a lot of fancy outfits to wear at the wedding, they could not be more wrong! 

Let us tell you the amazing options men can flaunt at an Indian wedding function.

Maybe during the last decade, men did not have a lot of options in ethnic, but since then the fashion industry has evolved a lot and now there are loads of options available for men so that they can show off their style at the wedding festivities.

If you are one of the guys who is confused about what to wear, or whether an outfit will be overdressed or underdressed then this blog is a must-read for you…

You can opt for a dashing bandhgala, a royal sherwani, a designer Indian suit, or a kurta pajama with a fancy Nehru jacket depending on the function and your closeness to the people getting married.

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You can both stick to truly traditional outfits or mix and match and opt for fusion looks.

First of all, check the wedding invitation for the dress code. You should ideally be wearing ethnic attires for the wedding functions and Indo-western or western outfits for receptions.

Gone are the days where men would walk into the festivities wearing a simple kurta pajama or a common sherwani?

So here is the list of styles you can wear at the next wedding functions you attend.

The new generation of men love to experiment with their style and coordinate a great ensemble which not only makes them look stunning but also make them stand apart in the crowd 

  • Floral Jackets

We have seen a lot of color-blocked Sherwanis and embroidered jackets. But floral printed jackets are a new trend in town…

We are sure most of you must have seen this trend on Television and magazines and of course all over social media but are skeptical to try dude to the floral prints. 

Well, my friend it all about experimenting with your style statement this decade.

Floral Jackets and blazers


 Pair this fun floral jacket with elegant jodhpur pants and a contrasting pocket square and you have a fun and class outfit for yourself to wear at your friend’s Mehandi ceremony.  

These jackets and jodhpur pants are also perfect for a sundowner engagement ceremony.  

  • Geometric Printed Jackets 

This is for all those who do not like floral prints even though they are much in trend or you think everyone is going to be wearing florals at the function and you want to stand out... 

Just because you do not want to wear florals does not mean you should be wearing simple color block kurtas.

You can pick up jackets with geometric prints. And it is counted as one of the best Indian Wedding outfits for groom

Geometric Jacket Mens


 These colorful geometric printed jackets with jodhpurs pants or straight pants are a very good alternative combination for your Mehandi functions. 

This way you can still wear the in-trend outfits with having floral prints. 

  • Printed Waistcoat or Nehru Jackets 

If you have kurtas at home which have been worn earlier at functions and been clicked in and you do not wish to repeat the same look then a printed waistcoat is the perfect option for you.

You can just put on a waistcoat with any of your kurta sets and achieve a completely different look.

Prints are in this season. The best way to look stylish and yet spend very little time styling yourself is by adding a printed waistcoat over a plain kurtas pajama set. 

This ensemble can be worn for your sibling's or friend's Haldi, Mehandi ceremony. 

Nehru Jacket Wedding


 These beautiful and trendy Nehru jackets can also be worn over a shirt and chinos for a younger and a dapper fusion look. 

Karma place has a wide range of Nehru jackets to choose from. 

  • Pathani Suit

Pathani suit is a very old trend but is still definitely a head-turner. It is sure to grab some female attention at the functions and the after-party.

Also, we are sure you know how comfortable they are to be in all day.

In addition to being comfortable, they also add some amount of masculinity to your overall personality. 

Pathani Suit design

 This is a perfect outfit for summer weddings as it’s quite loose and comfortable.
  • Bright Kurta Sets

Indian wedding calls for wearing bright and bold colors in shiny fabrics. Wear these beautifully colored kurtas for your Mehandi and Haldi ceremonies.

If you want to wear a completely traditional ensemble for the functions then you can wear a pre-stitched dhoti along with a bright-colored kurta and a contrasting simple Nehru jacket.

Kurta sets for ladies

 You are bound to stand out in this unique ensemble as most men will be wearing a combination of the kurta pajama set without putting much effort into the styling and might not even have the confidence to carry off the traditional dhoti with kurta combination.  

If you know the wedding is going to be extremely glamorous and everyone’s outfits are going to scream royalty, then go all out and pick up a glam sherwani made of a silk material…

Your sherwani need not always be embroidered.  It can look equally dapper even though it is a simple sherwani with no prints or embroidery. 

We are in love with this white and black sherwani. It’s so simple yet so elegant!

In case you would like to go even heavies on the sherwani why not opt for a nice printed one. Or you could also opt for a self-printed sherwani.

Top 10 sherwani designs


 These outfits are a must-have as you know most of the Indian weddings are held in an extremely royal way and demand everyone attending them to dress their best

These Sherwin’s will come in handy for those kinds of weddings.

  • Designer Achkan Kurta

Can anyone go wrong with the designer knee-length achkan? 


Men Indian wedding outfits for groom look best when they are bright and catchy yet not gone too overboard with the detailing. 

What better way to celebrate the joyous occasion than wearing a dapper bright-colored designer kurta, which is extremely comfortable to wear and appealing to the eyes.

Achkan style Kurta male


 Pair this designer achkan with churidar pants or dhoti pants or even straight pants.

This ensemble is surely a stunning choice for wedding functions.

 Lastly, let us give you a few pointers to remember while attending an Indian wedding dresses for groom.

  • Avoid overdressing and over-accessorizing yourself. 
  • Make sure you are comfortable in your outfits as you will be wearing them for at least 6- 7 hours, maybe even longer!
  • Say no to funky informal dressing. You cannot attend a wedding in flip-flops and shorts and your other casual outfits. 
  • Add some bling to your outfits by wearing a classy watch or some cufflinks or even opt for a fancy broach on your jacket. 

We hope the doubt of where to buy the best and trendy Indian wedding outfits for groom is clear now. 


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