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Ganpati Decoration 2021

Ganesh festival is just around the corner and you must be rushing to find out the perfect Homemade Ganpati decoration idea for your Ganesha. Nowadays, the decoration around your favorite idol has become the most important thing throughout this festival. It is because there is an ongoing competition about whose Ganpati decoration stands out amongst all. 

Lockdown taught everyone to make Ganpati at home as well as Ganpati decoration at home and in 2021, this has become a tradition that an eco-friendly Ganpati is the latest trend as awareness about global climate crises is reaching far and wide.

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However, the decoration around the Ganesha creates more waste than the idol itself.This is where homemade Ganpati decorations become more effective to avoid damage to the environment by preventing any waste.

People have been very creative in this area where decorations are crafted at their own homes. Every member of the family takes immense happiness while making the decor and making it for perfection.

Let's check out some creative Homemade Ganpati decoration ideas,

This blog is the ultimate guide for all you need to know about the homemade Ganpati decoration that is more sustainable and beautiful for your Ganesha at home.

Celebrate this festive season of Ganesha with creative homemade decorations that are friendly to nature and easily disposable without causing any damage.

Natural materials like paper, cardboard, fabric clothing, leaves, and coconut can be utilized as well as wooden or other material toys along with LED lightings can be arranged in such a way to create beautiful decor.


The paper could be turned into any kind of decoration that you can imagine. It is the most versatile material that can be crafted into miniature mountains, artifacts, animals, and more. Thinking about how is it possible? Paper, water, and glue can create magic for your craftsmanship.

All you need is just creativity of what you can make out of that composite material made from paper, water, and glue. In the beginning, the paper must be shredded or torn apart randomly into small pieces.

Then water must be added in an appropriate amount along with glue for some stickiness. Once it becomes a clay-like mixture, you can mold it into any formation.

Ganpati decoration ideas 2021

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The larger object you want to create, the more quantity of this mixture you would require. However, it is recommended to make cut-outs out of cardboard and then cover its surface with this mixture for sturdiness and durability.

For example, while making miniature mountains - The cardboard would easily hold onto the mixture and once it dries out, it would be more strong at least for a few days.

You need to apply this mixture in a decreasing order from bottom to top. The base of the mountain would need more than the top. You can also add support from behind.

You can experiment with paper for various decoration ideas. You can also make flowers, leaves, or other patterns just by folding and attaching different color papers.

Origami art is essentially beneficial for this kind of decoration. You could easily make any shape and object from a simple square-shaped paper.


After paper, the fabric is the most sustainable material for creating decorations. This fabric could be anything from your curtains to bedsheets or simply your dupatta. Threads and bobby pins would be required to tie up the fabrics together in a creative way.

Prints and patterns on this fabric would play a dazzling role and it could become the center of attention. Your Ganesha could be surrounded with sequins-artwork fabric around it and if you put a spotlight on it, it would easily sparkle beautifully.

Ganpati decoration material online

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One of the most found fabric-based homemade decorations is a temple-shaped decoration where Ganesha sits on a higher stage with floating cloth from the center of the roof and spreading on both sides of the idol.

It creates a visual flow from the idol towards the roof. At the center, you can place a hanging lamp with lights falling onto the idol.

Other decorations with fabric material, you can create flower-like shapes by using rubber bands and pins. It could be done in a similar style to what you could do for paper decorations.

Just make plattings and folds as per your design and clip them together. Several colors can be used in between platings to create variations while playing with your creativity.

The way a wedding hall or party hall is decorated with drapes and lighting, similarly you can create its miniature version for your Ganesha.


This is the most eco-friendly homemade Ganpati decoration idea you can ever do. Banana leaves are always used during the Ganesh festival. However, you can also use it for decorating by placing all leaves together with support from behind. Clippings and threads can be used to attach these leaves.

Other kinds of leaves can also be used for making other objects such as wall hanging and modak artwork. You can fold it gently and pin it together. Fresh flowers can be arranged in a vase beside or around the idol. Flower arrangement plays a key role in designing the decoration.

How to make banana leaf Decorations

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Coconuts can be used to create unique puppets by drawing physical features and making them more ethnic or cartoonish. Beads can be glued over the coconut shell in a certain design pattern. You can also color them and place them in a way forming a certain kind of shape.

Coconuts can form a wall artwork behind the Ganpati idol as well as a wall hanging on the roof. LED Lighting can be attached around the coconut shell. Sequins can also be glued to the inner part of the coconut.

 After the Ganesh festival, this can be discarded easily in a very green way. They are quickly biodegradable into nature. However, such decorations last only for a few days.

If you are keeping your Ganesha for more than 2 days, you would need to change this decoration after every 2 days at least. In this way, it would always look fresh and colorful. 


Apart from all the above-mentioned decoration ideas, this might not sound green enough. However, these LED lightings can be used for the next festival as during Diwali and Christmas celebrations.

They are very cost-effective in every marketplace depending upon quality and brands. Pixie lights are small-shaped bulbs that come in handy to decorate as you want them.

LED Light Decoration

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You can attach easily to remove screws on your wall or maybe make a standee behind or surround your Ganesha and then pass on the lighting wires through it. You can also wrap them around in a shape like a lotus or any scenery. Different colors of lighting can be used to add a spotlight to certain parts of your idol.

You are very much free to play with these LED lights, you can add a fabric to reflect a glow behind the idol. All other decoration ideas can be implemented very efficiently with such lights, creating paper flowers or maybe attaching a small leaf to each pixie light.

If you are willing to do some extra effort, you can attach moving spotlights in different angles falling onto your Ganesha. In this scenario, sequins-based wall decoration would attractively reflect light.


Last but not least out of all homemade Ganpati decoration ideas, you can always utilize toys or artifacts that are already available at your home. Decorating with kids’ toys has always been a creative way along with LED lightings.

You can create an entire scenery out of all the toys and even move them like using an electric train moving around the idol. Theme-based toys are specially bought for a particular decoration at some homes.

Ganpati Decoration ideas in Lockdown

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Some people also prefer to decorate the stage with homegrown grains, foods, and vegetables. This decoration originated in rural India but it has been carried ahead today even in metropolitan cities.

In this way, it looks more ethnic and portrays your heritage. Also, you could utilize even your family photo frames to showcase memories and nostalgia about yesteryear family members.

We hope, These Creative Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas will be helpful to celebrate this Ganesh Utsav. 

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