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If you haven’t decided on your dream outfit for the wedding, let me straightforwardly tell you that a red lehenga would strike every aspect of a gorgeous appearance where every head would turn towards you only for you.

Red lehenga is perfect for bridal wear and it also looks good for bridesmaids. It surely becomes the most irresistible attire ever during the wedding season. 

A red wedding lehenga is very popular in North Indian weddings and especially in metropolitan cities. The groom would be dressed in the color red that is very similar to the bridal lehenga for creating a synchronized affair. It leaves a charming spell on everyone as all remain splendid for such a lovely royal red bridal lehenga. 

All shall fall in love with such a red lehenga that is fabricated with different and unique artwork that’s never been seen before. It sounds so intriguing that the color red is so stuck with traditional Indian weddings and why not other colors.

As the color red brings the auspicious and harmonious feeling amongst us all but it remains significant for a healthy married life full of energy and peace.

There is much more meaning to it if we dig deeper into the religious stuff but who cares for now, as we and you are surely obsessed with this red lehenga and many other variations that we are going to discuss further ahead. But first, let’s start from the roots and go as wide as possible to know it all. 

Lehenga is a very ethnic piece of dressing in the Indian subcontinent. It is an ankle-length skirt that floats at the end in a floral pattern. You call it very synonymously with a ghagra, pavadai, or chahiya. Lehengas could be often 

seen at weddings, festive occasions, and parties in India and abroad where the Indian diaspora has settled, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

A lehenga is mostly tighter at the waist and then loose by the end. It is also worn as an undergarment under a saree or ghagra choli set as well. There are numerous variations in the design of the lehenga that you can find in every region of India. 

A-line lehenga is the most popular as it suggests the tightness at the waist and then flaring out at the bottom. It is most popularized by Bollywood films and Indian television shows. It is generally worn as a bridal lehenga in most weddings.

Another lehenga that is much famous is the flared one where it is a round skirt that is layered or pleated to increase the volume. Double-flared lehengas are multi-layered and thus, much bigger or puffed in volume.

Shaaras, Paneled, mermaid-style are some of the other unique types of lehenga available in the market. 


This kind of red-colored net lehenga is very much celebrated by famous Bollywood stars at their wedding. This Red lehenga and its blouse and dupatta are all made of net fabric purely. Zari work, zardosi work, or stonework on such net fabric looks stunning and it must be in a similar color or same color palette at least. 

It becomes much heavier with further delicate work on this fabric but it gives you a better and more graceful look with the increase in design patterns.

Red lehenga for Girls


Borders of dupatta and lehenga are well made with intricate zari work and they are mostly designed in contrasting or in golden color for an outstanding look. Embroidered patterns and chikankari work on net fabric for lehenga design are very popular. 

 STYLE TIP - Golden Kundan choker set with lustrous earrings, preferably in Jhumka or dangling style can be paired with this beautiful and elegantly feminine red net fabric-based lehenga. 

The one which shows the richness and strong posture is the lehenga made of velvet fabric that appears so soft to touch but strong to see. This type of lehenga is much heavier than any other type of red lehengas.

Velvet fabric is already much heavier in weight and then it goes under other types of embroidery work. 

Velvet silk zardosi lehengas are often found to be the most gracious of all lehenga because of their contrasting artwork over the red velvet fabric. Most of the time, this thread work is done in gold for highlighting the design.

Simple Velvet Lehenga


The lehenga and the choli are made of velvet fabric with heavy zari work embroidery and then the dupatta remains very simple and preferably made of Net fabric as it becomes a lightweight accessory to the already heavy dress material. 

 STYLE TIP - Dupatta, made of net fabric, over such velvet lehenga must be in a lighter tone of the color of the lehenga. If it is a red lehenga, then a magenta or pinkish dupatta would look perfect. Otherwise, if the embroidery work is done in the golden thread then it can have the same golden tone on the net dupatta.

Lacework over a satin lehenga is known by everyone but it is quite rare that it can be worn as a bridal lehenga but it can surely be a bridesmaid lehenga. It is much lighter in weight than any other type because of its lightweight fabric and simple embroidery work if there is any. 

Most of the time, Zardosi design work is applied to this satin fabric of the lehenga. Satin red lehenga looks very rich due to their polished structure and their elegant design work.

Silk Satin Lehenga


These kinds of lehengas offer a magnificent aura of impressive beauty. They also come with Banarasi motif, zari work, abstract print, hand embroidery, butta work, stripes, shibori print, and many more. 

Out of all, Resham's work on a satin red lehenga is more loved by all, and bridal lehenga with Resham artwork is much appreciated. However, this kind of work goes into fetching more cost for the overall stitching of the red lehenga.

You need not worry about getting your lehenga customized and delivered to your doorstep.

Karmaplace.com offers a wide range of bridal red lehenga for weddings across various fabrics that can be customized as per your requirement. 

 STYLE TIP - Elegant pendant-style necklace or oxidized jewelry is more suitable with such satin red lehenga that would make a contrasting effect with its silver oxidation against stunning red color. 

Lehenga choli is a three-piece set that comprises lehenga, choli, and a dupatta. However, instead of a dupatta, you can pair a jacket above the choli and make it more stylish. The red lehenga jacket is longer much like a long winter coat but simply with intricate embroidery work.

This lehenga is mostly white and then the jacket is red making it a white and red lehenga for weddings. It is very fashionable for the festive as well as wedding season. Jackets can be made of a different fabric than the lehenga fabric.

However, jackets made of cotton fabric are more preferred due to their breathing capability. As the lehenga itself is already a heavy garment piece, the jacket as an accessory must be less heavy and light to carry on. 

Red Lehenga Party Wear


Also, the jacket can be heavily embroidered as the lehenga itself could be very much plain in design. This can push more attention to the jacket than the lehenga itself and thus, it could make the jacket much heavier and so you are open to choose which heavy one is better to carry if it is your wedding day. 

 STYLE TIP - As discussed above, if your lehenga is plain in design or very much simple work is done then go for a heavily embroidered jacket and then pair it with stud earrings or a Kundan jewelry set. 

So many other varieties of red lehengas can be shopped only at Karmaplace.com and get delivered anywhere in the United States. You can get them easily customized and along with huge discounts at our festival sale with more additional offers awaiting just for you.

Jacquard red lehenga is the best red lehengas that are the best sellers almost every month due to their heavy demand along with net embroidered red lehenga, velvet zari embroidered red lehenga, etc. 

red wedding lehenga


Taffeta Satin embroidered lehengas are something very special to look out for and must be customized for the guaranteed fit just for you. These lehengas are very densely embroidered with simple plain choli and a net-fabric-based dupatta.

A net fabric-based jacket would also go well with this styling. There is even an organza silk-based lehenga which is heavily printed or tie-dyed with pretty block prints or abstract ones all over it. The edges of the net dupatta could be designed with golden patterns. 

 STYLE TIP - Always get your size requirements ready before going to shop for a lehenga and then get your lehenga customized for the perfect fit around the waist and then floating at the bottom as beautifully as possible. 

And just like that, you must have arrived at a decision or at least halfway to what you want to buy for your wedding day and get an unstitched or stitched lehenga, at our exclusive online store. As we deliver anywhere in the United States with free shipping and classy customization as per your requirements.

Kindly let us know your opinion about the Gorgeous Red Lehenga For Wedding Season and also suggest what we should discuss. 


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