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Diwali outfits 2021

It is the best time of the year, and we, as a family, are all in this together to style up with Diwali outfits for the festival of lights. Diwali has always been a favorite festival for every Indian, no matter where they are and whether they are with their family or alone.

However, the joy with your family is multiplied during Diwali. It is also fun with your friends and office colleagues, and that is the magic of Deepavali. It brings positivity like an ignited light to every corner of a space. 

Diwali outfits are the most crucial part of Diwali shopping, and it stays the same confusing arena for every family member.

Mostly, children's clothing is bought by their parents, but nowadays, there has been a dense increase in style treatments to kids’ fashion that it has become more and more complicated to dress your sweetheart the best of all. 

Diwali is mostly a five-day-long festival celebrated by Hindu, Jain, and Sikh communities across the Indian Subcontinent and abroad through the Indian Diaspora. It begins with Dhanteras, where wealth and good fortune are worshiped for the whole family.

Narak Chaturdashi and Lakshmi Puja follow it. Lastly, Balipratipada and Bhai Dooj are the final two days of Diwali, where families come together dressed stylishly to grab a meal together or dance along.


Are you planning now to shop for Diwali? Do you have anything particular in mind about how to style you, your friends, or your whole family? Worry not! We are here to recommend you the best Diwali outfits for your convenience so that you are prepared before Diwali and just start sharing joy and laughter. 

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Diwali dresses for women to Diwali lehenga and even modern Diwali outfits with an ethnic touch for girls, boys, and even for Menswear with designer kurta dhoti sets, Nehru jackets, sherwani sets, and more. 

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At first, explore all the options you are considering buying and if your family members, apart from you, have no good taste in fashion - JUST DON’T INCLUDE THEM FOR DIWALI SHOPPING! Yes, because we know during Diwali, you all should be the best-looking family just for you.

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That’s the only simple rule for shopping for Diwali outfits; either you have to include them or just do it by yourself because you are the only one having that classy level of fashion, and of course, we are here to get your dress CUSTOM STITCHED as per your requirement. 

Let’s check out the greatest ideas for Diwali outfits ever!


It has been a tradition of dressing together for each day of the Diwali festival. Maybe in the same color, color scheme, or print pattern and similar accessories if possible.

Diwali is when you and your family seem to be very unifying, like how superheroes assemble. Still, for Diwali, you and your family come together wishing for the best of good health and good fortune.


Brighter colors are the must-haves during the festive season, and everyone prefers to feel the warmth of the surrounding nature through such colors. However, there are moments when dressing in slightly colder tones also makes a contrasting effect amongst other community people. 

Coming straight to the best complementary colors - Blue and Orange are forever favorites for the entire world. If you or your parents are crazy Bollywood fans, they would quickly recall the iconic cinema couple of Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz, who dazzled in the twin colors of orange and blue for a very long run of their movies. 

Orange and blue outfit ideas

Diwali outfits in these shades would be so beautiful for every family individual that your family portrait will look gorgeous and perfect. Silk sarees in blue shade with an orange-colored border and pallu are such a great look, and if your partner is ready to dress in orange Kurta Dhoti, you must get an orange one.

Kids are always adorable in any fashion and colors, but if complementing colors are paired well together, they would be the cutest like never before. Ethnic wear for kids is very elegantly designed and quite comfortable to carry around during the festive season. 

 STYLE TIP - You also pair the color orange with solid white shade or even grey tones, and the same goes with Blue as well. Greyish shades with blue are a good variety to try out. 

Instead of pink, you could also opt for a light tone of red. Sort of light magenta shade as well. However, yellow remains the best highlight color with pink. For your loving partner, you can also opt for a complete pink shade.

Mens’ kurta set in pink look more handsome than everyone’s predisposition of the color pink on men. 

Pink and yellow dress combination

Your little ones can go for a completely pink and yellow combo, one piece of outfit in yellow and the other one in pink. There are also options available to the same outfit in the kid’s version and so you and your kids would look the same like a perfect and good-looking family. 

 STYLE TIP - As said earlier, red can be chosen over yellow but also the color of green that goes well with yellow. 

It is universally known and everyone loves the way one single color can be fabricated into different shades and dressed well for the entire family. Shades of red, orange and blue are the forever and favorite ones for Diwali outfits as they represent the glowing and powerful spirit of a festival. 

If you are dressing in bright red, your partner can be dressed in a slightly lighter tone, and your kids, maybe, in a mix of all shades or paired with complementary shades. Using the same color shades can make your family look much more harmonious and in balance as they create a positive effect. 

One-tone dressing

Pairing one color, let’s say - red, with a plain solid color like black or white will bring out the effective contrast that you may not find with other color combinations.

Plain solid-colored outfits with a designer and elegantly embroidered red colored dupatta or Nehru jacket will be a perfect way to style yourself. 

 STYLE TIP - Solid pain fabrics can be paired with any warm or cold-colored dressing piece that has heavy embroidery of some classic zari work. Even net fabric-based materials look good with such fabrics. 

This would surely sound a weird way to dress but we highly recommended it to try out for this festive season of Diwali. It all starts with shopping for a plain solid color Diwali outfit and then accessorizing it with a single color dupatta or scarf or even a potli. 

Let this be followed for others as well, the same colored-accessory can be tried out by others. If you have purple potli, your partner can carry a purple dupatta over a kurta or maybe a purple watch.

Lastly, your children could be dressed entirely in purple except you who would be in a solid white or black tone.

Couple accessories online

Footwear can be a good accessory to your solid Diwali outfit, and I must say, it is up to you to carry it elegantly and show off during the Diwali festival. Tech-based accessories like your smartphone, etc also form a stylish combo with your attire. 

 STYLE TIP - Colorful jewelry can look good over a solid white kurta and even a simple and single-colored dupatta with intricate borders make your personality glow. 

You must be loving at least one fabric material and what if all you dress the same material for this Diwali festival. Diwali outfits are made of the same fabric material.

Khadi is your favorite material as just for an example, and you get a saree in khadi material and your beloved family also dresses in the same material and if possible complementing color, just imagine the aura that you all would produce and the feel of same fabric by all. 

Fabric prints and patterns

It surely outshines all the other recommendations done before but the same print pattern idea is surely way ahead of other complementing colors. And what about kalamkari-based Diwali outfits for all. It makes a strong style statement and it makes the best Diwali fashion that you can ever imagine. 

Other better materials to try out are - dupion silk, crepe silk, and many more and as everyone knows, cotton is the all-time favorite fabric for the entire family.

This same prints and fabric thing for a family might seem familiar because of the trending twinning fashion where the same color or fabric or trend is worn by both the individuals in a couple and even their kids if possible with exact smaller versions of the adult outfits. 

 STYLE TIP - If you are shopping for the same fabric-based Diwali outfits for all, also try to look for similar prints or at least one particular pattern that is on every outfit. Otherwise, you can always utilize different accessories for a complete look. 

There are always more and more suggestions for Diwali outfits that would make this blog forever. However, we have suggested to you the five best ones which you can try out for shopping this Diwali season for the whole of your family. 

Let us know your opinion after reading about Diwali Outfits Ideas by commenting below and you can always drop a topic that you would like to discuss in our upcoming blogs for this festive season. 2021 is finally lighting up to better times with the joyful spirit of the festive season. 


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