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unique diwali gifts ideas

Festivities for Indian communities across India and beyond aren’t done yet. The biggest festival of the year - Diwali - the festival of lights is about to spread its luminance all over and you must start preparing for it.

Diwali gifts become the top priority in this festival and that we shall discuss in today’s blog. Yes, it seems like an overwhelming burden to go from one festival to another so quickly but that’s the fun of being an Indian and following the Indian heritage. It is full of spiritual and soulful energy where every person beams with joy and togetherness with their family.

Diwali is the most awaited festival for every Indian and their communities. It is widely celebrated throughout Hindu, Sikh, and Jain communities. Nowadays, even Christians and Muslims also take part in festivities for the best interest of the neighborhood and it goes vice versa for their festivals as well.

Diwali gifts are exchanged across every level of society and thus, shares the spirit of Diwali in a positive way.

Deepavali, as this another name of the festival suggests, is about lighting up the positive energy in the dark to outshine all. This gets reflected in our daily life and brings more happiness for all and so does it must reflect on our exchange of ideas and gifts. That could include new kinds of knowledge, discovery, or even attire.

Diwali brings a new kind of everything, it is almost treated like a new year for Indians. Yes, the occasion of Balipratipada is actually the Hindu New Year according to the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar. It is celebrated by Gujarati and Rajasthani communities.


Diwali gifts are the latest trending sensation globally as Indian peeps go on shopping like crazy and it brings them so much pride to show off the quantity of shopping they are about to do or have done already.

The more new stuff is at one’s home during Diwali, the more their souls are pleased after society notices it. Diwali gifts can be anything ranging from a student’s new backpack or books to electronics gaming as well as classic and stylish ethnic wear.

Generally, the elders in the family are bound to buy new clothes as Diwali gifts for kids during Diwali as the first day is about dressing anew completely and then sitting together to share the morning meal with traditional snacks like chivda, chakli, laddoos, sweets, and more.

Tremendous happiness and peace are shared and the colorful fashion and new Diwali gifts surely bring up the optimistic and charged energy for the kids and old alike.

Diwali gifts for friends and family, whether small or big ones are about the thought of giving someone something very new for the care of their soul in a beloved manner.

Earlier, it was never actually about buying new stuff and gifting it but it was about renovating oneself for the love of goodness and newness. This change brings the new side of oneself and thus, it gets reflected on your whole surroundings.

Today, the giving or exchange of unique Diwali gifts is about the similar aura of the yesteryear idea behind this festival. It is related to the concept of starting with something new and keeping yourself happy.

However, this dense era of urbanization and new types of family lifestyle has brought more additions apart from just cooking traditional snacks i.e. the fashion, electronics, and much more. It surely wraps itself into extreme euphoria that keeps us stunned at least during the festivities.

There are so many Diwali gifts ideas that you can get just by searching Diwali gifts online but the ones that your loved ones would really appreciate are difficult to find.

We are here to present you with a small but exclusively curated list of Diwali gift ideas that range across various types for every friend and family during Diwali.

Here we go through our list of curated Diwali gifts for making the best of the Diwali festival this year.


Shopping for the best electronic gadgets and at a discounted rate during the festival sale is the best feeling for every Indian household. So many brands and brand stores offer a huge bumper sale for electronic products that every home desires and it becomes a very useful Diwali gift.

From washing machines to refrigerators and microwave ovens to the latest smartphones, all are bought during the festival of Diwali.

what are electronic appliances

Whenever new electronics are brought to a home, it is first blessed with flowers and rice grains and then utilized for its features. Some people go on to buy tons of electronics as they are offered a slash sale offer that they don’t look to purchase any other electronics for the rest of the year.

Bigger smart TVs are desired at every home and so many free goods are given along with them. Go now and look for the best sale available online or in-store near you and get the best Diwali gifting experience like never before.


Fashion is always the most desirable aspect of any Indian festival. Ethnic wear as a Diwali gift is the best idea for anyone and women love ethnic fashion to the core of their hearts.

Sarees made of silk, cotton, khadi, and more other print varieties from Banarasi to Zari Kota are all favorable for a woman of any age. is having the best festive sale of the year with additional discounts across all its products for a limited time.

womens fashion 2021

Head over to Karmaplace Festive Sale and get the best deals and save more for shopping Diwali gifts for your whole family.

Long, short, and mid-size Kurti dresses are the latest in fashion for every woman and young girl as festive wear.

These dresses have long and broad floating ends that add more style to your aura. Do not forget to check out the gift ideas for your kids in the end as kidswear has also evolved like womenswear so dramatically that it becomes more confusing for what to buy.

Sarees, Kurti dresses, lehenga choli, salwar suits, or anarkalis are some of the unique and stylish Diwali gifts that you can buy now in the USA only at


Kurta dhoti set or kurta pajama set worn by men is the most good-looking menswear and works as the best minimalist alternative to typical but gorgeous Sherwani sets. Let’s say A Nehru jacket, as a Diwali gift, over a simple and solid-colored Kurta is a must-have to add that extra flare.

Menswear has become ethnically designed and yet follows the contemporary style. Therefore, you could notice the modern print patterns against a classic fabric material.

mens fashion

Block prints and kalamkari designs on a cotton or khadi fabric-based kurta set is such a pleasant fashion to eyes that everyone's head would turn. Pleated dhotis are readymade and simply tie the knot for tightening the belly grip and then drape a kurta for finally getting ready.

Wearing a dhoti for festive wear has become so easy and available amongst a wide range of choices. Get your Diwali outfit fully customized for experiencing a guaranteed fit and looking at your best.


Kid's fashion is always booming with new trends and recently, making exact replicas of grown-up men’s and women’s attire for the young ones is the latest. From small lehenga cholis, Kurti pajama to sherwanis and Nehru jackets are all made available for little kids that they would literally look the smaller version of you if you decide to dress similarly.

Shop the best Diwali gift for your kids at the kidswear collection only at Karmaplace festive sale and get the greatest discounts on festive wear ever.

fashion design for kids

Fashion is all about looking the best and getting the matching pair for your kids to look stunning as a whole family together. All your outfits, if they are made in the same color, fabric, or similar design, would achieve a splendid look for the festive occasion of Diwali.

Your cuties would take the spotlight and grab everyone's attention. You won’t like to miss everyone’s reaction so go now and start shopping or make a list of Diwali gifts for your beloved.


This is the most cost-effective Diwali gift idea for anyone as it involves more physical efforts than financial ones. Recycled or leftover materials at home can be used to make a beautiful Diwali gift for your kid, your partner, your friend, or for the whole of your family.

Making houses out of cardboard and then coloring them with beautiful paints can create an elegant Diwali gift. The art of origami can be learned and made into wall hangings that would beautify your living space. Even a flower bouquet can be made of paper and then dressed stylishly over a gorgeous vase.


If you are good at woodwork, you can start crafting out small wooden trains or houses out of wood and then get them painted. You can also use paper dipped into glue and then mold them into shapes you like.

You can even simply wrap chocolates and sweets into a craft box and tie up satin lace with glitter over it. Greeting cards with handwritten notes from the heart are also a better and more classic option for a Diwali gift.

You can simply search for homemade Diwali gift ideas and you would get a long list of innovative and good ideas.

It all ends with the opening of the gift box and then experiencing what’s actually inside.

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Mostly, handmade gifts are largely appreciated and well received by anyone but if you have started recently and have properly saved up money then we suggest you shop for Diwali outfits at to deliver Diwali gifts to your loved ones. It gives them a proper gesture of love and responsibility that you have now understood.

Elders surely appreciate any Diwali gift they receive, it is the kids that are hard to please but cute and adorable kids wear kurta and lehenga choli will extend their smile.

However, in the end, you really don’t want to disappoint your partner so choose wisely and get a great Diwali gift for your friend and family in the USA.


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