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Diwali decoration ideas in USA

The best festival of the year - Diwali is just around the corner and you must start gathering the most unique Diwali decoration ideas. We, at, are here to help you recommend some of the easiest and homemade decoration ideas so that you can make the most of your home decoration with simple and innovative tricks like never before.

On the day of Dussehra, it is said that Lord Rama killed the Lanka king Ravana and became victorious over evil. Ramayana tells us, he freed his wife - Goddess Sita and returned to his home in the kingdom of Ayodhya to regain his inheritance as the King of Ayodhya.

This homecoming day is today we celebrate the festival of Diwali and it takes place roughly twenty-one days after the Dussehra.

On that day, Lord Rama and Goddess Sita along with Lakshmana were welcomed by lighting up the whole kingdom with diyas and decorative flowers and torans. This is the tradition that we as an Indian community still follow even today.

We go on doing Diwali decorations at our home and neighborhood to bring in the festive and positive spirit of welcoming back the good in our lives so get victorious over evil.

Whether you know this background story from Ramayana or not, Diwali still brings in so much more for every person that gets channeled through this Diwali decoration idea that we focus on very deeply.

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Lightings, rangolis, lanterns, and other colorful artifacts are mediums of processing the warmth and optimism in our surroundings. It takes the efforts of the whole family to get their home cleaned and then decorated with full energy to craft out a great look for your home.

Diwali festival takes place over five days mostly. It starts with Dhanteras and is then followed by Narak Chaturdashi and Lakshmi Pujan. It ends with Balipratipada and Bhai Dooj.

Diwali is traditionally a very energy-consuming festival as lots of light and fireworks are consumed and thus, we are recommending you tone down the energy consumption by using eco-friendly Diwali home decorations as much as possible.

Let’s start exploring different Diwali decoration ideas to get your house ready on time before Diwali.


Flowers are always very auspicious for every Indian festival whether it be Holi, Navratri, or Diwali. It never goes down on the list of priorities as that is the first thing that every household keeps in mind to purchase and get the garlands ready for Diwali decorations.

Flowers like marigolds and their varieties are generally used along with mango leaves and maybe even roses in between. It is one of the most basic but significant Diwali decoration ideas that you have to attach and decorate flower garlands and decorate your space.

Flower decoration for homeMarigold flowers are weaved with thread and after a certain recurring quantity, a mango leaf is folded and added together. It is crafted into a long garland of different lengths as per requirement and hung or tied together over the hooks at home. It is mostly decorated on the windows and doorsteps.

Flowers are also utilized around the main areas of the house and especially, flower decoration is made for Diwali pooja as it keeps the area full of fragrance.  


Lanterns are another best Diwali decoration idea that everyone looks at after doing flower decorations. Lanterns have evolved from the East Asian tradition of lighting up the night with paper lanterns where a flame is placed at the center and its glow is enhanced through the colorful paper filter.

Instead of big paper lanterns, another best method is to use paper cups and thread them together with fairy lights and simply decorate them throughout your home.Lantern making ideasPaper lanterns are the trendiest yet most eco-friendly way of celebrating Diwali as they are made of pure paper and thin net fabric. However, many nowadays opt for polyester-based paper lanterns for durability.

Paper lanterns are also safe and just to keep in mind that they shouldn't be lit with an actual burning flame but rather a LED bulb or usual fuse bulb. Lanterns also come in small shapes in such a way they become a string of lanterns that can be hung across your window.


If you are not willing to change flower decorations every next day to get a fresh feel but you seem too lazy. Just go for paper flowers or other variations to decorate your Diwali home.

This is most effortless but an imported DIY Diwali decoration idea as nowadays, you can get a whole paper flower garland from stores and simply hang them as you want.Paper Diya Wall hanging ToranOrigami can be implemented if you want to make paper flowers and decor just by yourself at home. This is one of the best home and family activities that you and your partner along with your children can do together.

You can easily craft out creative structures and concepts just by watching a few origami tutorials. All you would need is a proper set of colorful papers, staplers, and pins, glue, and thread.

Colorful paper cups can be purchased and then aligned otherwise, acrylic and pastel colors can always be used for coloring the paper cups.


We all are well aware of this tradition of lighting up a diya - made of earth clay. Cotton wicks are placed in the shallow part and then the oil is poured. It is lightened up with a matchstick and then all diyas are placed in a pattern that looks so beautiful for the eyes. Traditional diyas can be arranged around the rangoli and make it more beautiful.

Diyas symbolizes the light that burns in the dark; it works as a medium of passing the positive vibes and energy to all of the surroundings.Diya lamp

Some people prefer to make handmade diyas at their homes. This is another Diwali decoration idea that a whole family can perform together.

Traditional diyas are nowadays replaced with tealight candles that would be discussed in our next point as follows. It is surely a disturbing factor to Indian heritage but some are still willing to follow the old ways and preserve as much as possible.


Candle decor has been the latest addition to Indian festivals and it is majorly borrowed from other cultural traditions.

A variety of candles like tealight, block candles, etc are all utilized to decorate one’s home along with fairy lights. Candles can be placed over a classic glass vase and maybe add a few flower petals all around it.

Scented candles are the next best Diwali decoration idea that you can go after if you want a warm cinematic situation around you.Candle decoration ideas at HomeCandle decorations are the best alternative for typical fairy light decoration but it is important to take precautions and take measures to not cause any harm to children.

Candles come in big block shapes and not all wax gets burnt and liquified and thus, it avoids creating a mess and keeps everything tidy.


Fairy lights are forever favorites of everyone and the lighting decor is the one same thing that one could see across the cities. LED lighting is generally used for such Diwali decoration ideas and it can be accompanied by paper cups or glass bottles.

Green glass bottles are carefully cleaned and fairy lights are placed within to get a special effect of glow.

Lightings are used to arrange decorative torans across every door and window. Lighting decor is sort of expensive but it is also a one-time investment at least for a couple of years if you are getting good quality lighting.Diwali lighting ideas for balcony

Pixie lights are the ones that are so small and convenient to arrange and make your house as beautiful as you live in a heavenly soothing place.

Lighting decoration for Diwali is a must if you are willing to decorate on your own because that’s the biggest fun of enjoying your day off and beautifying your house.

The most significant but slowly fading cultural art form during Diwali is the practice of drawing rangolis with powdered colors and flowers. Rangoli is a traditional art form where you draw it by slowly but steadily spraying the powdered colors onto the surface and design a great artwork.

Rangolis of gods and goddesses are more popular during Diwali. For example, during Lakshmi Pujan, rangoli of goddess Lakshmi could be easily spotted in the majority of the homes.

Beautiful Designs of rangoli for Diwali

Rangoli is the classic art form that has been passed on through every generation and it has become more convenient with the use of stencils and rangoli pens.

Nowadays, rangoli making has also become a competition-like activity where all members of, let’s say, society comes together to draw it and then the best rangoli is awarded.

Rangoli is the perfect Diwali decoration idea that can be tried out if you haven’t yet done so. Your children would love it and get involved as creatively as you could be with a rangoli.

All you need now is to take time off and get your family together at least one or two days before Diwali to start preparing with Diwali decoration ideas. You must start shopping for other essentials for Diwali like Diwali outfits that are must-haves for festive occasions.

You can find the best of Diwali outfits at our festive sale and grab the best deal. Happy Shopping! Hope you have got one or more Diwali decoration ideas that can be used at your home for making it a little more beautiful.


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