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Cause of acne

Acne - causes

Acne – A common problem all women face and every woman would like to avoid if of course we had a choice. Acnes are famous for contributing to emotional distress and of course uneven skin texture.

However acne is totally curable if treated with proper remedies. Moreover acne causes scarring which looks pretty bad on someone’s face even after the acnes are gone. Hence you should always get the acne in control to avoid scarring on your face.

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What is acne?

Pimples and their heavier cause acne. Acne occur most commonly in Puberty, when the male sex hormone (androgen) is heightened. Acne is also know as the inflammatory disease of the follicle of hair inside the skin. The main causes of acne is the hormonal changes in the body and the problem is often resolved in adulthood naturally, but sometimes pimple do not disappear naturally in that case you need to understand what adult acne are.

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Adult Acne

Adult acne is also hormone dependent and breaks out generally right before menstruation when the progesterone level are elevated. Adult acnes generally breaks out on chin, jaw line and neck.

Adult acne can cause deep scarring when they burst

In addition to hormones there are other reasons for acne break outs as well which are as follows.

1] Stress

2] Lifestyle and Unhealthy Diet( eating oily and Junk food)

3] Deficiency of necessary Vitamins.

4] Quitting birth control

5] Diseases (maybe the side effects of some diseases)

6} Side effects of some medications

7] Skincare and cosmetic products that contain oil

 8] Heredity

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I have pimples – how do I get rid of them?

Adult acne is more difficult to treat, as skin needs a different kind of care. Acne treatment prescribed by doctors is often meant for younger, rather oily skin. The skin of adults is drier and may already show signs of aging or be sensitive. As we age, our skin’s ability to produce collagen slows down, which causes dryness and slower regeneration of skin – this increases the risk of developing acne scars.

  1. Therefore, the most important thing to focus on is finding the right kind of skincare products for your skin type and age. To begin with, look for the word ‘aqua’ or ‘water’ in the ingredients list, as this shows that the product is water-based and also appropriate for acne-prone skin.
  2. You should also look for the word ‘non-comedogenic’ on cosmetic products, as this indicates that the product does not clog pores.
  3. Strong cleansers, tonics, and exfoliating products tend to irritate skin with acne; cell regeneration can be accelerated with products containing salicylic or glycolic acid.
  4. In addition to an inventory in your skincare products, you should also review your eating habits. Different surveys suggest that dairy products and foods containing a lot of fat and/or carbohydrates may cause inflammatory reactions, including pimples.
  5. Different sources also suggest that acne-prone skin is a sign of antioxidant deficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to drink clean water and review your diet. If your diet does not provide enough antioxidants, consider taking them as a supplement.
  6. Several topical and oral treatments are also available. These are prescribed by the family physician, dermatologist, or gynaecologist (antibiotics, hormonal treatment, retinoids), and if all other methods fail, you could consult your family physician.

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What are Adult acnes?

Let me begin by telling you’ll, Adult acne is not an insolvable problem. Adults often consider acne insolvable and are not aware of the remedies and treatments to get rid of them. But let me tell you a health diet and lifestyle can cure anything and even if doesn’t get cured after this then here are a few tips to cure acne from the roots and also to prevent it from happening.

Please remember to follow these basic steps to prevent Acne.

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1] Clean your mobile screen everyday.

Do you know how often in a day do you press your mobile against your cheeks? Or how often you touch your screen and then unknowingly touch your face? If you consciously count it might be more than 15 times in a day.

Consistently touching your cheeks with bacteria laced objects can lead to breakouts. But why just to blame our phones, touching your face with your hands when you are out or not washing your hands after coming back home are all causes of break out.

As a habit regularly sanitize your phone and wash your hands at least 3 times a day specially after coming back home.

2] Washing your face too often.Buy Skin Care Products Online

You should definitely wash your face 2-3 times a day, but after washing your face if you using a tonner which is making your skin dry, then your body reacts by producing more oil and oily skin leads to breakouts.

Do not forget to moisture your face with an oil free moisturiser after every time you wash your face. Moisturising will definitely help you avoid this problem

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3] Indulging regularly in food with high – glucose

No No you do not have to give up your pizza and pasta and chocolate Entirely. You can definitely have a cheat day and enjoy your favourite junk food. But if your one of those who enjoys their junk everyday than maybe you might have to cut down on gluten.

Because gluten increases blood sugar level which in turn results in acne. So if you are having regularly break out I highly suggest you cut down on your gluten intake and cut down on the fried food as well.

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4] Make sure to put an oil free Sun screen every time you step out

The u-v rays of the sun can cause inflammation and redness and hyperpigmentation which is also known as Dark- discolouration. Try limiting your time in the sun to avoid this problem and in case you have to step out do use a good oil free sun block. Ideally you should be using a SPF 30 and do not forget to put on your face and hands at least 30 minutes prior to you stepping out in the sun.

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5] Exercise daily.

You should exercise daily or at least 5 times a week in general for a good health and not just to avoid pimples, as regular exercise is good for your whole body. Exercising relives stress and releases a hormone name Endorphin which over all makes you feel stress free and happy. This also help in reducing your acne.

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6] Chill and do not stress out unnecessarily

Like I told you in my earlier points as well, stress is one of the major cause of pimples. Studies have shown to link stress to making the pimples and acne more sever. So do find out what is causing stress in your life and then look for a solution for the same.

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7] Check your scalp and what you put in your scalp

Avoid using fragrance, too much oil or hair gels in your hair. If these product get on your skin and face they can block the pores and irritate your skin. Use a gentle conditioner and shampoo and preferably it should be paraben and sulphate free.  

If you are in a habit of applying oil in your scalp and hair then, do not apply a lot of oil in your hair and definitely do not keep this oil in your hair for a longer period of time, 12 hours is more than enough..

This oil eventually come down on your skin and face and starts clogging your pores and irritating your skin.

Also wash your hair at least twice a week to keep it clean and oil free.

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8] Make up free

If you do use make up regularly and are breaking out maybe this is one of the major reasons for your breakouts. Use minimal make-up when you have acne. Limit your usage of foundation, blush and loose powder.

Do not forget to wash of your make up thoroughly at the need of the day. Make up residue will clog your pores and surely cause make up the next morning.

If possible use oil free natural make up which have limited usage of chemicals. These products will not be very heavy on your skin.

Do not just remove the make up with a face wash, as it will not come out completely. Make sure you have a oil free make up remover which you need to use it with a cotton ball or use make removing wipes. After the usage of make up remover you can wash your face with a soap free cleanser and then rub some ice on your face. This will lower the inflammations and will relax your skin, minimize enlarged pores and also stimulate blood circulation. As a practice definitely rub your face with ice everyday after coming back home.

I hope this blog has helped you Understand the cause of acne and will help you in making minor changes in your life which will in turn help you in reducing your acne.

Wait for my next blog it will tell you about how to reduce acne with basic things available at your house.



Princy Gupta - April 8, 2021

Helllloooo guys!!! As I’m a college-going teenager who is facing lots of acne problems but now I can rectify the causes of my acne. And can use some homemade remedies also. And yes after reading your blog I can understand the causes behind my acne.

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