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Anklets For Women And Their Importance In Indian Culture

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  • As we all know Indians love wearing ornaments made of gold and silver and they have a very rich culture as well. There were a lot of customs and traditions for women in ancient India. 
  • One such tradition is anklets for women and toes rings. Anklets may only be a fashion statement in the west with no traditional or cultural significance, but that is not the case in India.
  • We know a lot of you might think that anklets are just a beauty accessory, but they have an important significance on the overall well-being and health of women and are connected to the age-old traditions of India.
  • Anklets in India are also known as Payal and have a great social and spiritual significance. You can see glimpses of the anklet in other ancient cultures of the Middle East and Egypt.
  • Anklets For Women And Their Importance!!

  • A metallic string with beautiful charms worn by women around her ankle. 
  • Anklets traditionally were mainly made of silver. But due to the change in trends, some women even prefer wearing anklets of gold.
  • This is however considered inauspicious as gold symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi who is a goddess of wealth ad wearing it on your feet is considered irreligious.
  • Anklets are beautifully made and often have meenakari work to make them more colorful and attractive. They are further embellished with beads, pearls, small colorful stones, and bells.
  • Traditionally these anklets are mostly worn by married women, but in modern India, there so no such rule.
  • However even today it is one of the items that are gifted to the newlywed when she moves into her husband’s house. 
  • History Of Anklets For Women

  • Anklets originated in ancient Egypt, Indian and Arabian cultures in the Mesopotamian era. Historically they have been worn for the last 8000 years by women and girls in South East Asia.
  • During this time, only women belonging to the royal and rich class wore these anklets as a symbol of their wealth and social status.
  • N Arabic culture where the followed Purdah system, anklets were worn by people to let others know about their arrival. 
  • Ghungroo which is another form of anklet was worn only by dancers, this same anklet was considered taboo in the upper class of society, which is why Payal, Paizeb, Pattilu, or nupur was designed as a smaller, simpler, and lighter piece of ankle jewelry.
  •  Reasons Why An Anklet Is Worn

When family members lived together and would hear the sound of anklets, they would know a woman is approaching and they have to behave and welcome her with respect.

    sterling silver anklets


    The unique way of attracting suitable partners and striking up a conversation with the future husband

    A lot of unmarried girls also wear anklets in India. Since these anklets have small bells, they would make distinctive noises while walking, which in turn would draw attention to their feet.
      Silver as a metal is highly reactive, and our body produces a huge amount of energy that is radiated from our feet and hands.
        Silver present in the metal reverts this energy to our body which brings more positivity and euphoria. Also silver helps in boosting the immune system of women.

          Kathak Ghungroo

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          A few anklets are made using multiple small bells attached to them, these are called ghungroos.
            These anklets for women are particularly worn by dancers because the rhythmic stamping for their feet while dancing in various poses creates rich and charming harmonious music. Which is further matched with the music of other musical instruments that she is dancing on.
              These particular anklets have a very high significance in traditional Indian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam.

               Silver medal also has healing properties, if a woman is constantly having pains, weakness, numbness, and tingling in their feet, wearing a silver anklet can help relieve such pains and provide the wearer with immense positive energy. 

                indian silver anklets

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                   Women often have swollen heel problem which affects their daily work and house routine.

                  But wearing a silver anklet regulates the blood flow in their legs and thus naturally cures swollen heels.

                  We have learned silver anklets are not just a pretty piece of jewelry but have multiple health benefits as well.

                  They are an immunity booster as well as they activate the lymph gland in one's body which will in return boost their immunity.

                  ankle bracelets for women

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                  Silver brings purity and positivity along with pleasing melodious music in the house.

                  It is a popular Indian belief that when a women wear silver anklets and walk around in the house angels and gods are attracted and fill the home with an abundance of blessings and goodwill. 

                  • Where To Buy Anklets?

                   We are sure all this talk about anklets has left you with an urge to get one yourself. Do not worry Karma place has have you covered.

                  We have beautiful silver, oxidized, pearl, beads, and Kundan anklets for you to choose from.

                  •  Women Sterling Silver Chunky Anklet

                  This anklet is for all those who love wearing chunky jewelry. This anklet is perfect for brides and wedding functions.

                  sterling silver ankle bracelet

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                  • Women Sterling Silver Anklet With Diamonds

                  Moving on from chunky anklets to really dainty and delicate ones.

                  This single-string anklet studded with diamonds is versatile enough to be worn on western as well as Indian outfits. 

                  While wearing western outfits, just wear one of them on one of your feet.

                  sterling silver diamond anklets

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                  • Sterling Silver Anklet

                  This is a simple silver oxidized anklet. This is another one in the dainty anklet category. It is just a simple anklet with a double silver metal line and some bells in the end. 

                  gold anklets for women

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                  • Kundan Anklet

                  Oh! This one is our favorite. Kundan anklets for those dressy wedding functions.

                  designer kundan anklets

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                  • Kundan Anklet With Pearl

                  This anklet is another stunning piece for all you brides to dress up their feet.

                  These Kundan stones with pearl strings will make your feet look pretty while walking down the aisle. 

                  silver anklets indian

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                  • Kundan Alloy Anklet In Red

                  This beautiful Kundan alloy anklet is perfect who want to go for a minimalistic anklet look. The leaf pattern with Kundan and red stones in a gold setting is perfect for wedding functions.

                  fashion anklets for women

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                  • Kundan Anklet With Red Drops 

                  This is another stunning piece for wedding functions. Your feet will surely look pretty wearing these anklets.

                  custom anklets

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                  We hope this blog of Anklets For Women And Their Importance In Indian Culture will help you make some unique choices in buying anklets.

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