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A quick list of trendy and beautiful men and women footwear!

The assortment of shoe styles, color and materials for ladies is unending and for the men, we have various different kind of shoes for various purposes.

There is no counterpart for the moment’s certainty and confidence boost that you get when you slip into your preferred pair of shoes. Safe to state, a person in India presumably possesses in excess of 5 sets of shoes. Also, that is only a normal number, one can just envision how the closet of a genuine shoe collector could resemble or look like! With that said, we can understand that both men and women truly love shoes. That’s why we have picked out 15 pairs of shoes for you to choose from.


  • Stilettos

Stilettos are one of the most iconic pair of women footwear you can have. Here's a great reality about stilettos, they weren’t for ladies. Stilettos were made for blue-blooded and military men back in the past. In any event, when they're related with ladylike qualities now, stilettos basically developed from Persian riding boots that had little heels under them.

To speed up running, and spryness on the battleground, the heels were made to be more sharp. Can’t imagine right? It was during the imperial time of King Louis XIV, who presented red heels in his court for ladies and denied all men from wearing them.

Also, here we are presently. Stilettos, with their sharp pencil like heels, are one of the most dependable and fashionable footwear for ladies. They are regularly produced using calfskin. They may seem tall however are super-agreeable. Stilettos are the standard footwear in beauty pageants, particularly during the swimwear and dress rounds. You can often find these shoes for women on sale and under discount woman shoes.


  • Gladiators

Gladiators were also worn by men in the Roman Colosseum. In Ancient Rome, these shoes were worn to absorb the blood as the men were occupied with battle and games.

Gladiator sandals are essentially mountain men shoes that are tied right up to the knees with a T-bar running down from the front. Speaking of the  Grecian footwear style, gladiator sandals are great for occasions such as parties. Indeed, even now they are similarly as wonderful and stylist.

They have a delightful uniqueness and look beautiful on uncovered leg dresses. These shoes function admirably for summers when you're bound to wear shorts and skirts. It has off late made an immense come back in the high street fashion space and catwalks, these strappy shoes additionally work out positively for formal office wear and striped pants. You can often find these shoes for women on sale as well.

Platform Heels

  • Platform Heels

During the reign of the Greeks, platform heels were wore by unrivalled characters in a comic play. These heels implied their poise in the old stage plays. Henceforth, doubtlessly why they are still smart, exemplary, and formal footwear.

 Basic, rich, and simple to slip on, court shoes are ordinarily worn at formal spots like conferences,  social events, and gatherings. As well as on casual occasions. You can often find these shoes for women on sale as well.


  • Mules

Mules are the most up to date pattern in women footwear. They are fundamentally closed from the front and open from the back. In any event, they're very much like slide-ins, they're sometimes richly etched from the front and are available in various designs.

Velvet mules look particularly great and amazing on short pullover dresses. Mules in women footwear can rapidly embellish the surprising state of your toes. For women who like simple to-wear slip on and off shoes, mules are flawless on the grounds as they're an incredibly agreeable easygoing footwear.

They help your toes and keep them together while flaunting your pretty heels. Try to get a pedicure and prettify those heels before you wear these super-cool shoes. You can find these shoes for women on sale, under discount woman shoes or affordable shoes for woman on sale.

Mules are not only for women but are also for men! They are often used for lounging purposes and when you feel like dressing up but wearing comfortable shoes. You can find them in any online store cheap shoes for men.

Flip Flops

  • Flip Flops

Flip-flops are made as both men’s and women footwear. They are a definitive summer footwear and are particularly worn for pool gatherings, sea shores, and at home. They're normally made of plastic & rubber, which makes them effectively foldable. You can easily keep a couple in your backpack when you head out to the sea shore.

The flip flops are commonly made with an incredibly pleasant foam bottom and tough plastic toe guard that helps keep your feet together in place. If you have got  a pedicure done, flip flops are the best footwear to parade in. Your feet additionally stays absolutely unblemished. You can find flip flops in online store cheap shoes for men as well as under affordable shoes for women on sale category online.

Army Boots

  • Army Boots

Otherwise called battle boots or military boots, these shoes are renowned for their thick and tough texture. They can withstand the harshest of climate and grounds. In case you're a tough and intense lady or man who likes to wear thick boots and carry a bold fashion statement, at that point, the military boots are ideal for you.

Roused by military approaches, these boots are super-thick, solid, and stout with sharp bands and fastens on them.

Military boots will, in a split second, give you that super woman look or a macho man look since they have the component of sturdiness.

These shoes can be found offline as well as online under online cheap shoes for men category. They are always available in the women footwear section under affordable shoes for woman on sale.


  • Loafers

If you like your toes covered from the front, loafers are a great decision of a footwear. Loafers are stretchable to oblige your feet. They have elasticated boards on the two sides that dispose the requirement for any shoe fastenings or bands.

Loafers can rapidly add a vintage, classy and spectacular touch to your footwear style, regardless of whether worn for office or over an evening time outfit. Loafers can be found under online cheap shoes for men category in any E-Store and they are always available in the women footwear section. Sometimes there are affordable shoes for woman on sale, you may pick them from there as well if you keep a keen eye on sales.


  • Pumps

Pumpers or court shoes have a low profile statement with no affixing in the front. Subsequently, they are very similar to slip on. Much the same as flip-flops, pumps are perfectly ideal for the summers. They are very flexible and accessible in various examples and hues.

The creation of the pumpers is as yet questioned. A few people accept that pumps were a male equestrian shoe in the Far East. This may be genuine on the grounds that up until the 1600s, male and female shoes were incredibly same.

But at this point, "pumps" is solely utilized for women footwear. Pumps are great and exciting footwear. Pumps are often the discount woman shoes to grab.


  • Oxfords

Oxfords are conventional footwear that loans you a rich institutional look. They seem one of a kind, trim, and flawless because of the view of their shut binding under the vamp. Truly, these shoes are connected to the college itself, thinking back to the 18th century, be that as it may, there's a whole other world to their history. worn as both men and women footwear, Oxfords are truly great shoes!

Numerous records guarantee that the oxford shoes were initially made in Scotland by the name of balmorals. Regardless, oxfords are short heeled, foot-accommodating, and look amazingly refined and sophisticated. Perfect for both men and woman alike.

You can find oxfords in online cheap shoes for men and they are always available in the women footwear section under discount woman shoes. 


  • Trainers

Numerous individuals mistake training shoes for running shoes. Trainers are principally made for multi-directional maneuvered like cutting, hopping, breaking, and changing ways rapidly. They have a comfortable and flat sole to permit greater spryness and adaptability in different situations.

Trainers are super-comfortable exercise shoes since they are all around padded, stretchy, and have a sock-like fitting. Produced using top notch materials, they can be worn both with and without shoelaces. You can find trainers in online cheap shoes for men as well as in the women footwear section under shoes for woman on saleor  affordable shoes for woman on sale. Everyone should have a good pair of trainers in their shoe collection.



  • Moccasins

Moccasin shoes are produced using delicate calfskin or deerskin, with heel-less cowhide soles and sides, attached with a vamp. Moccasins are otherwise called driving shoes and were initially indigenous footwear for North Americans.

Intended to be tough, cozy, and agreeable, moccasin shoes have a super-delicate sole, decorated with globules and different weavings. Otherwise called 'Gucci loafers', moccasins are magnificent calfskin slip-on shoes. These are worn by both men and woman for formal and casual affairs. These are specially good if you drive around a lot. You can find moccasins in online cheap shoes for men as well as in the women footwear section under affordable shoes for woman on sale. We suggest that everyone should have moccasins if they love to drive.


  • Brogues

Brogue shoes sit easily among Oxford and Monk strap shoes. Notwithstanding this, Brogue is a sort of shoe in its own level that has ornamental and punctured pattern examples on the toe.

You've presumably known about top toes and wingtip shoes. Both of those are brogues. Brogues for ladies generally have a stout sole and beautiful bands. Accessible in metallic hues, pastels, and the exemplary dark calfskin, brogues look exquisite with dress jeans.

For the men, brogues are a must have shoe, this shoe simply elevates your style to another level and makes you look sharp and smart. Brogues can be found in online cheap shoes for men as well as in shoes for woman on sale and discount woman shoes.

Gum Shoes

  • Gum Shoes

It's not possible for anyone to abhor an easygoing yet stylish pair of gumshoes. They are one of a kind styled bands and brilliant hues immediately set them apart from other footwear. These shoes that you'd have presumably worn for softball training are truth be told one of the easiest to stick around with.


Easygoing tennis shoes are perhaps the most ideal decision for fast fashion and are gradually advancing into formal occasions too. Set the gathering ablaze by matching a stylish pair of shoes with an out of control dress. Created both for men and woman these shoes can be often found in online cheap shoes for men section as well as discount woman shoes and affordable shoes for women on sale.

Knee Boots

  • Knee Boots

Could you ask for anything better than high-heel boots? Also, in the event that they're made of velvet and are thick, you basically can't disapprove of them in any way. At the point when winter comes, you can chose to advance onto the roads in a delectable pair of high-heel boots.

They can be combined with skin-tight pants as they can rapidly emphasize the slim state of your legs or with a skirt or dress. These can be found in discount women shoes or shoes for women on sale


  • Ballerina

Ballerina shoes are ordinarily made out of delicate calfskin or silk. It was in the eighteenth century where the female artists concluded that they ought to show up as though they're flying when performing artful dance. Also, this prompted the acclaimed Pointe artful dance shoes.

A couple of originator ballerina shoes can assist you with arranging a princess-like look and rapidly make you the attraction of the gathering. These can be found under discount women shoes category or shoes for women on sale and under affordable shoes for woman on sale.



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Hello, perfect post. I think after reading your blog anyone can get a better idea about the types of shoes and sandals. So, they can select perfect pair of shoes for them for any occasion. Thank you for posting and keep sharing such blogs.

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